Durban Camera Club

Durban Camera Club was founded in 1921 with the objective "to promote the interest in, and the advancement of the knowledge and skills of photography in all its branches".

Welcome to Durban Camera Club

Durban  Camera Club can boast about its history with over 100 years since its formation
Membership in the 1980's soared to about 180 members and in the last decade has been between 40 and 75 members. Many of our current Members have transitioned from analog SLR (single lens reflex) cameras to DSLR's (digital single lens reflex) and more recently to Mirrorless cameras. Post processing of photos has also shifted from private darkrooms and third party laboratories to modern high tech post processing applications on laptops and even phones. 


Through all of the advancement with photography over the past more than 100 years our Club has maintained its objective which is "to promote the interest in, and the advancement of the knowledge and skills of photography in all its branches".
So there is a place for you at our club whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer. You are welcome to come along and join one of our regular meetings to learn more about what we do. Click on the buttons below to see our scheduled meeting times and venue or send us a message.

Photographic Society of South Africa - PSSA

Durban Camera Club is proud to be an affiliated member of the PSSA.

The PSSA is the officially recognised  is the officially recognized body representing photographers in South Africa recognized by the government through the performing Arts Council.
So why does PSSA exist?
  • Provides a platform for all photographers and affiliated clubs in SA to come together.
  • Promotes the highest possible standards of photography.
  • Promotes the interests of photography amongst its members.
  • Through its affiliations, it affords members contact with international affairs of photography.
  • Supports both individual members and clubs and provides a platform for national and international salons.
  • Bestows awards and honours which are respected throughout the world.
  • Runs national competitions for the enjoyment of members.
  • Publishes a magazine for the enjoyment and information of members .
In effect PSSA is the “industry body” for amateur photography. It is not a prescriptive body when it comes to the running of clubs but does control the running of salons and honours to ensure the highest standards are adhered to.

Our History - Durban Camera Club

The Durban Amateur Photographic Society was founded on 19 August 1921 and celebrated it's 100th anniversary in 2021. During the second half of the 1920's the club changed its name to Durban Camera Club and it has been that way ever since.
H Reed Thorpe, founding member of Durban Amateur Photographic Society  in 1921.
This insert was written in the program of the club's 75th anniversary in 1996. It describes the very first meeting and formation of the club in 1921.

Durban Camera Club First set of Rules

In 1927 the first Rules of the Durban Camera Club was published.

Some Early Durban Camera Club Records

Durban Camera Club Logo

Durban Camera Club has made some changes to its branding over the years.
Adopted in the 1920's
This version of the logo was adopted about the 1950's
With the 100 year anniversary in 2021 this logo was adopted.

Durban Camera Club Group Photos through the Years

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