These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the July 2014 Gallery.
Judges Lorna kelly - Open (DCC)
Rory baker - Mono, Creative, Nature, Set Subject, Outing and PJ (DCC)
Set Subject Something Old
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

 O Michael Allison 2STAR time to go B
 O Michael Allison 2STAR whodropped theomo B
 O Michael Allison 2STAR sandblock S
 O Michael Allison 2STAR somethin old S
 SS Michael Allison 2STAR old1 B
 N David Badenhorst 1STAR Watching  G
 O David Badenhorst 1STAR In the garden B
 O David Badenhorst 1STAR Air Race B
 O David Badenhorst 1STAR Work S
 SS David Badenhorst 1STAR Old B
 MO Rory Baker 4STAR Passages G
 MO Rory Baker 4STAR Quiet Place G
 O Rory Baker 4STAR Chili Girl G
 O Rory Baker 4STAR Newborn M
 SS Rory Baker 4STAR Old Wood S
 C Dee Bennion 5STAR Fantasy landscape G
 C Dee Bennion 5STAR The hunting game S
 N Dee Bennion 5STAR Wind blown S
 PJ Dee Bennion 5STAR Motor X G
 MO Cheryl Callanan 3STAR What do you mean I must stand S
 O Cheryl Callanan 3STAR Boys at play B
 O Cheryl Callanan 3STAR Behind secure fences B
 O Cheryl Callanan 3STAR Pulling in the catch S
 SS Cheryl Callanan 3STAR Old lost shoe S
 N Shan Charter 1STAR Trunk Call G
 O Shan Charter 1STAR Early morning fishing S
 SS Shan Charter 1STAR Weird and Wonderful B
 MO Marc Crowther 1STAR Racoon M
 O Marc Crowther 1STAR Milky Way Moyo G
 O Marc Crowther 1STAR Honey Fly G
 O Marc Crowther 1STAR Possum G
 C Ron Duckworth 4STAR Springtime G
 O Ron Duckworth 4STAR Piink Rose B
 O Ron Duckworth 4STAR Some like it hot B
 O Ron Duckworth 4STAR Dianthus S
 SS Ron Duckworth 4STAR Before TVs S
 MO Kim Flack 1STAR Its a nose  G
 N Kim Flack 1STAR Ripple G
 N Kim Flack 1STAR Leafing around G
 N Kim Flack 1STAR Birds eye view G
 N Lorraine Fonseca 2STAR ROCKY BAY S
 N Roger Fonseca 1STAR Rain bird. S
 O Lorraine Fonseca 2STAR REFLECTIONS G
 O Lorraine Fonseca 2STAR MOYO SUNRISE S
 O Roger Fonseca 1STAR Over flow B
 O Roger Fonseca 1STAR Sun rise B
 OU Lorraine Fonseca 2STAR GALLOPING M
 OU Roger Fonseca 1STAR training G
 SS Roger Fonseca 1STAR phone booth B
 N Wendy Freer 5STAR Wildebeest portrait G
 N Wendy Freer 5STAR Young dwarf chameleon S
 N Wendy Freer 5STAR Weaver at nest S
 O Wendy Freer 5STAR Warrrior M
 O Jackie Gasken 1STAR Sharing a drink B
 O Jackie Gasken 1STAR Baby Zebra S
 O rob gasken 2STAR Fishing B
 O rob gasken 2STAR Moyo G
 O rob gasken 2STAR Elephant G
 O rob gasken 2STAR Pizza Fire S
 SS rob gasken 2STAR Ruins S
 N JANICE  GASS 5STAR hup two three four S
 O JANICE  GASS 5STAR down and out. G
 O JANICE  GASS 5STAR greet the dawn S
 SS JANICE  GASS 5STAR something old B
 N Michael Gill 2STAR Fishing S
 N Michael Gill 2STAR Working Bees S
 O Michael Gill 2STAR Starting a new life B
 OU Michael Gill 2STAR Sun Rise at Summerfield B
 SS Michael Gill 2STAR Brick Carving S
 N Gerald Hall 1STAR Leaf Feeder S
 N Gerald Hall 1STAR Colourful Hopper S
 O Gerald Hall 1STAR High Ride S
 SS Gerald Hall 1STAR Flower and Power G
 O Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Mtunzini Palm Forest B
 O Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Warm Smile G
 O Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Angular Shapes G
 O Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Dune Shadows S
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Because You are Worth it G
 O Marion Jackson 4STAR So Delicate B
 O Marion Jackson 4STAR PinkTulips G
 O Marion Jackson 4STAR White Feather S
 SS Marion Jackson 4STAR Old Monastery S
 N Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR Too High G
 N Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR Stripes G
 N Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR I am watching you S
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR 1966 Accounting S
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR BMW 328 S
 O Maggie Lally 5STARH Fire Swirl 1 B
 O Maggie Lally 5STARH Hold onto Me B
 O Maggie Lally 5STARH Sunrise Silhouette 2 S
 PJ Maggie Lally 5STARH Back Flip S
 N Peter Lambert 3STAR Bee in Flight G
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR Sunrise Splash B
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR Octopussy Reflections S
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR Emirates Landing King Shaka S
 SS Peter Lambert 3STAR Old Lord Nelson G
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR The Eye of the Buffalo G
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR Ear Rectile Dysfunction M
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR Peek a Boo S
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR Kudu in the Sabie River S
 MO Kevin Milne 4STAR Nathan S
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR King Protea B
 O Kevin Milne 4STAR Dove cote B
 SS Kevin Milne 4STAR Spinning wheel S
 N Prem Moodley 5STAR Thirsty Pride G
 N Prem Moodley 5STAR Crystal Dragonfly G
 N Prem Moodley 5STAR Camouflage Leopard M
 N Prem Moodley 5STAR Little Hyena S
 O catherine nobrega 1STAR Sunshine B
 O catherine nobrega 1STAR Tranquil G
 SS catherine nobrega 1STAR Kodak G
 C Linda Paul 1STAR Moon Fern M
 MO Linda Paul 1STAR Lakeside Morning S
 OU Linda Paul 1STAR dancing G
 SS Linda Paul 1STAR old number 16 S
 SS Linda Paul 1STAR old number 3 S
 N Matthew Peters 5STAR green backed heron G
 N Matthew Peters 5STAR trying to hide S
 N Susan Peters 3STAR The end S
 O Matthew Peters 5STAR foot down G
 O Matthew Peters 5STAR Siesta time G
 O Susan Peters 3STAR Conductor B
 O Susan Peters 3STAR Little warriors G
 O Susan Peters 3STAR Go S
 MO Heide Smallwood 5STARH Crusader Castle B
 MO Heide Smallwood 5STARH Thirsty S
 O Heide Smallwood 5STARH Hippos Sussita at Golan Heights B
 O Heide Smallwood 5STARH Dome of the Rock East Jerusalem G
 O Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Polly Macaw B
 SS Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Jewellery S
 MO Janien Smythe 1STAR spoon M
 O Janien Smythe 1STAR Dry and dusty landscape S
 SS Janien Smythe 1STAR Corroded to the heart M
 SS Janien Smythe 1STAR Old peeling paint S
 SS Janien Smythe 1STAR Old rusty detail S
 C Gemma van Hees 4STAR 004 O Write the Night S
 O Gemma van Hees 4STAR 004 O Silhouet B
 O Gemma van Hees 4STAR 004 Come Glide with me B
 SS Gemma van Hees 4STAR 004 JP Shoprite just around the corner J
 SS Gemma van Hees 4STAR 004 Care about pears  J
 MO Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Arabian nights S
 N Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Snouted Cobra G
 O Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Broken promises G
 OU Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Race training S
 SS Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Seventies summer fun G
 C Brian Williams 1STAR Quiver Tree S
 MO Brian Williams 1STAR Maputo Cathedral G
 N Brian Williams 1STAR Intense Vision S
 O Brian Williams 1STAR Dune Swoosh G
 SS Brian Williams 1STAR Chevy G
 O Rosella Williamson 1STAR the photographer B
 SS Rosella Williamson 1STAR old norwegian couple  S
 MO Craig Young 3STAR Chad B
 MO Craig Young 3STAR Sailing Solo G
 O Craig Young 3STAR Feathers B
 O Craig Young 3STAR Monteseel G
 SS Craig Young 3STAR GH 688 G


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