These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the Gallery.
Judges Emanuel Maria
Set Subject Photographic Alphabet
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

Category Award Title Name Surname
Monochrome Gold Beautiful Legs Bronwyn Smith
Monochrome Silver Open doored mini in mono Bronwyn Smith
Open Silver Roger Bronwyn Smith
Open Gold Coffee Bean Stirrer Bronwyn Smith
Monochrome Silver In Conversation Carol Hayward Fell
Nature Silver Sun-Lover Carol Hayward Fell
Open Silver Delightful Redhead Carol Hayward Fell
Open Silver Twinkle-toes Carol Hayward Fell
Nature Merit Elephant family Cheryl Callanan
Nature Silver Zebra mother and child Cheryl Callanan
Open Gold Exhausted Cheryl Callanan
Open Gold Train approaching Cheryl Callanan
Monochrome Silver Magnified Craig Young
Monochrome Gold Derrin Craig Young
Open Gold Three Flowers Craig Young
Open Gold Rose For Four Craig Young
Creative Gold Life in a bubble 1 Dee Benion
Nature Gold Robber fly Dee Bennion
Open Silver End of the line Dee Bennion
PJ Gold canned lion hunting ralley Dee Bennion
Nature Merit Lioness Diane Fick
Open Gold Worn but sturdy Diane Fick
Open Gold Helping Hand Diane Fick
Open Gold Remembrance Diane Fick
Nature Silver buzzy bees Heide Smallwood
Nature Gold spider Heide Smallwood
Creative Gold war dance Heidie Smallwood
Creative Silver oceans without shores Heidie Smallwood
Open Gold On the lure Jackie Gasken
Open Gold Blue eyes Jackie Gasken
Open Gold A bied in the hand Jackie Gasken
Open Gold Bridal Boquet Jackie Gasken
Monochrome Gold Rest in Peace JANICE  GASS
Open Silver Rambo JANICE  GASS
Open Gold Beachfront Mime JANICE  GASS
Open Silver Upside Down  JANICE  GASS
Nature Gold Zebra Portrait Keith Marallich
Nature Gold The Old Man Keith Marallich
Nature Gold Two Brothers Keith Marallich
Nature Merit My Mothers Comfort Keith Marallich
Open Gold Escorting an Airbus Kevin Milne
Open Gold Gripon fighter Kevin Milne
Nature Gold Wild dogs greeting Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Open Gold Downhill Blitz Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Open Merit Flying High Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Open Merit Champion Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Open Gold Maritzburg College Kicker Linda Paul
Open Gold memorial wall Linda Paul
Open Gold maltese cross Linda Paul
Open Gold angel Linda Paul
Nature Merit BUTTERFLY ON FLOWER Lorraine Fonseca
Open Gold SUSHI Lorraine Fonseca
Open Gold SHONGWENI DAM Lorraine Fonseca
Open Gold SHONGWENI DAM WALL Lorraine Fonseca
Monochrome Gold Pumpkin basket Louisa van Niekerk
Nature Silver Froggies a courtin Louisa van Niekerk
Open Silver Sundowners Louisa van Niekerk
Set Subject Gold O is for Ocean Louisa van Niekerk
Open Silver Hail Mary Lynn Cooper
Open Gold Stone House Lynn Cooper
Open Gold As soldiers lie Lynn Cooper
Open Gold Amen Lynn Cooper
Open Silver Mischief in a Cap Maggie Lally
Open Silver Camera Splash Maggie Lally
Open Silver Tree at Sunrise Maggie Lally
Open Gold Vibrant MG Maggie Lally
Open Gold Young Model Marion Jackson
Open Silver Me and my shadows Marion Jackson
Set Subject Silver O U C  Marion Jackson
Nature Silver Relaxed mother Matthew Peters
Nature Silver Cape long claw Matthew Peters
PJ Silver balancing act Matthew Peters
Nature Silver Spurwing Michael Gill
Nature Silver Preening Michael Gill
Nature Silver grumpy Michael Gill
Open Gold checkmygoatie Michael Allison
Open Gold Peace And Quite Michael Gill
Open Gold eyeswideopen Michael Allison
Open Gold goingdown Michael Allison
Open Gold side street Michael Allison
Nature Gold Flame Lily Peter Lambert
Nature Merit Hairy Caterpillar Peter Lambert
Open Merit Oryx Downdraft Peter Lambert
Open Gold SADF Gripen Peter Lambert
Open Gold Camouflage rob gasken
Open Gold Orchid rob gasken
Open Gold Bottoms up rob gasken
Open Gold Umfolozi sunrise rob gasken
Open Gold sea life Roger Fonseca
Open Gold grifen Roger Fonseca
Open Gold boy on the beach Roger Fonseca
Set Subject Gold y Roger Fonseca
Open Silver Glasses Ron Duckworth
Open Silver Blue lily Ron Duckworth
Open Silver Heading fo rthe stars Ron Duckworth
Open Silver Smokey glass Ron Duckworth
Creative Gold Another Victim Another Statistic Rory Baker
Monochrome Silver Portrait 20 Rory Baker
Monochrome Silver Resting Rory Baker
Open Gold Colour Fest Rory Baker
Nature Silver twins Susan Peters
Nature Gold scops owl Susan Peters
PJ Silver in unison Susan Peters
Open Silver Last Drop Teresa de Beer
Open Gold Pink Sky Teresa de Beer
Set Subject Silver Border Teresa de Beer

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