These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the Gallery.
Judges Di Wayne - WCC
Set Subject Glass
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

Category Name Award Title First Name Last Name
Outings G Born and Died Bronwyn Smith
Outings G Praying Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject S Glass with balls Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject B Glass Coke Bottles Bronwyn Smith
Monochrome S Attentive Listener Carol Hayward Fell
Monochrome S Serene Intelligence Carol Hayward Fell
Open G Those Eyes Carol Hayward Fell
Set Subject S Sarah Sipping Chardonnay Carol Hayward Fell
Monochrome S Off to sea Cheryl Callanan
Open S Little helper Cheryl Callanan
Open G Moyo pier at night Cheryl Callanan
Photo Journalism S Dusi 7 Cheryl Callanan
Monochrome J Soft Flower Craig Young
Monochrome B 1917 Craig Young
Open G Thompsons Bay Craig Young
Photo Journalism B Dusi 2014 Craig Young
Creative S Moon gazing Dee Bennion
Nature S Tigertail Dee Bennion
Open S Hamekop Dee Bennion
Photo Journalism G Roller derby Dee Bennion
Nature B Pollen Gatherer Graham Hosking
Open B Night Lights  Graham Hosking
Open B Hidden Fruits Graham Hosking
Open S Early morning surfer Graham Hosking
Monochrome S Depression Heide Smallwood
Monochrome G The Dancers Heide Smallwood
Nature S Jumpspider Heide Smallwood
Nature G two egg thieves Heide Smallwood
Nature B Curious Mongoose Jackie Gasken
Open G Who Me Granny Jackie Gasken
Monochrome S My Next Car JANICE  GASS
Open G Tukips from Amsterdam  JANICE  GASS
Open S Little Fairy JANICE  GASS
Open G Kite Flying  JANICE  GASS
Open G West Coast National Park Julie Barnes
Open S River View Julie Barnes
Open S Altantic Coast Julie Barnes
Nature S Leopard in the Riverbed Keith Marallich
Nature S Holding Hands Keith Marallich
Nature S Two Heads are Better than One Keith Marallich
Nature G White-breasted Cormorant Keith Marallich
Monochrome B Shades of grey Kevin Milne
Open B Protea flower Kevin Milne
Open B Umhlanga rocks at dawn Kevin Milne
Photo Journalism B Repairing the sinkhole Kevin Milne
Nature G Busy Bees Lorraine Fonseca
Nature G WATERFALL 3 Lorraine Fonseca
Open G WESLEYS WHEELS Lorraine Fonseca
Open G WATERFALL 2 Lorraine Fonseca
Creative B Funky feline Louisa van Niekerk
Creative G Apple of my eye Louisa van Niekerk
Open M Bullseye Louisa van Niekerk
Set Subject G Water colours Louisa van Niekerk
Open G Water Lily Lynn Cooper
Open G Lake Ngami Drought Lynn Cooper
Creative B Garden in a Bubble Maggie Lally
Nature B The Sharp End Maggie Lally
Open G Looking Through the Window Maggie Lally
Photo Journalism G Making Doughnuts Maggie Lally
Monochrome Barber Shop Marion Jackson
Nature S Dargonfly Landing  Marion Jackson
Nature S Red Bishop Marion Jackson
Set Subject S Glass Lamp Marion Jackson
Nature S Grey headed sparrow Matthew Peters
Nature S Feeding the kids Matthew Peters
Nature G day dreaming Matthew Peters
Open G Rufous naped lark Matthew Peters
Nature S Take one more step Michael Gill
Open G still water Michael Allison
Open S Upper Umgeni Michael Gill
Open B soaking wet Michael Allison
Open S Water to power Michael Gill
Open G Oops Michael Allison
Open G relax Michael Allison
Set Subject B Angels Candle Michael Gill
Nature G Batman Peter Lambert
Nature G White Eye Family Peter Lambert
Open G Durban Tug Peter Lambert
Set Subject G Glass Mirage Peter Lambert
Monochrome B Hunting Lesson Prakash Bhikha
Open G Wheels keep on turning Prakash Bhikha
Nature S Thorny Perch rob gasken
Nature S Nyala rob gasken
Nature S Mud Shower rob gasken
Nature G Lion rob gasken
Creative B Confrontational Ron Duckworth
Monochrome S Hosing me down Ron Duckworth
Open B Durban Bay Ron Duckworth
Set Subject S Raining on my world Ron Duckworth
Monochrome M Solo Ballet Rory Baker
Monochrome G Cool Man Rory Baker
Monochrome S Content Rory Baker
Photo Journalism B Champion Rory Baker
Monochrome S New Years Day Durban  Sean  Baker 
Open B Sunrise over Durban Sean  Baker 
Open B Durban City Sean  Baker 
Photo Journalism S New Years Day Durban  Sean  Baker 
Nature S Investigating Susan Peters
Nature G eye contact Susan Peters
Nature S Broken horn Susan Peters
Open S Sparrow Susan Peters
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