These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the Gallery.
Judges Steve McCurrach - WCC
Set Subject Shades of Grey
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

Category Award Title First Name Last Name
Open G Time for myself Arlene Mullins
Monochrome J Curves Arlene Mullins
Open S Deep in thought Arlene Mullins
Open S Youthful Arlene Mullins
Set Subject G Table tennis Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject G Mini Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject G These shoes were made for dancing.... Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject S Train wheels Bronwyn Smith
Open B Narcissus Carol Hayward Fell
Monochrome S Reflecting Carol Hayward Fell
Open S Sensitivity Carol Hayward Fell
Set Subject S Happily Grey Carol Hayward Fell
Open G Gogo Cheryl Callanan
Monochrome S Hout bay man Cheryl Callanan
Open S Durban harbour Cheryl Callanan
Set Subject S Shade Hout bay harbour Cheryl Callanan
Monochrome J Lets Sail Craig Young
Monochrome J Soft Flower Craig Young
Open J Rocks of Umhlanga Craig Young
Monochrome S Rose Craig Young
Creative B Contemplation Dee Bennion
Nature B Jewels of light Dee Bennion
Open B Sangoma Dee Bennion
Nature G Bee on blackberry Dee Bennion
Photo Journalism J Learners Style Graham Hosking
Photo Journalism J Pulling in the catch Graham Hosking
Photo Journalism J Festive lights Graham Hosking
Open N Sunrise Fishing Graham Hosking
Creative B Danse macabre Heide Smallwood
Monochrome B Commuters Heide Smallwood
Nature G The kill Heide Smallwood
Nature G cacooned bee Heide Smallwood
Open G At Rest Jackie Gasken
Open S Orchid Jackie Gasken
Open S Weather Beaten Jackie Gasken
Nature G Madikwe Loiness  JANICE  GASS
Open G Dont mess with me . JANICE  GASS
Nature M The Lion King JANICE  GASS
Nature S Gorah Eliphants  JANICE  GASS
Monochrome B Hawk-Eagle John Robinson
Nature B Hueblins robin John Robinson
Nature N Lilac breasted roller John Robinson
Nature N FLYING SNAKE EAGLE John Robinson
Open G Vic Falls 2 Julie Barnes
Open G Vic Falls Julie Barnes
Open S Chobe Elephant Julie Barnes
Nature G These Damn Flies Keith Marallich
Nature M Sparrow Feeding Time Keith Marallich
Nature M Mala Leopard Keith Marallich
Nature S Buff-streaked Chat Keith Marallich
Open B Caged kookaburra Kevin Milne
Nature G Lilac breasted roller Kevin Mullins
Nature G Leopard female Kevin Mullins
Photo Journalism G KZN downhill 1 Kevin Mullins
Photo Journalism J Surf 180 Kevin Mullins
Nature N Spotted thick knee Kevin Milne
Open S Pretty young girl Kevin Milne
Nature G Lions at water hole Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Open G Time to roost Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Nature S Heat of the day Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Open S Bridal ritual Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Monochrome B Innocence Louisa van Niekerk
Set Subject G Feather drop Louisa van Niekerk
Open M Fruit Louisa van Niekerk
Creative S For your eyes only Louisa van Niekerk
Open G Series 1 Landys Lynn Cooper
Open S Train Jacks Lynn Cooper
Open S London Eye Lynn Cooper
Open S Conch Blower Sari Walk Lynn Cooper
Creative G full tilt 1 Matthew Peters
Monochrome S Protected Matthew Peters
Nature S Common bush brown Matthew Peters
Nature B Man versus Nature Michael Gill
Nature B Starling Michael Gill
Nature G Feral Pigeon Michael Gill
Open G Castleburne Dusk Michael Allison
Open G Shot in the foot Michael Allison
Open G Shush Michael Allison
Open J Castleburne Reflections Michael Allison
Open S Dasie Michael Gill
Nature G 2 Bee or not 2 Bee Peter Lambert
Open G Harvard Peter Lambert
Open M Pilot Agusta 109 Helipad Peter Lambert
Open S Skiboat Peter Lambert
Photo Journalism B All hail King Kallis Prakash Bhikha
Nature G Its mine Prakash Bhikha
Outings J Wheels keep on turning Prakash Bhikha
Open S Shades of NE Grey Prakash Bhikha
Open S Sunset rob gasken
Open S Reflections rob gasken
Open S Garden Flower rob gasken
Outings S Old n New rob gasken
Set Subject B Chocolate Box  Ron Duckworth
Set Subject G Watching the rain Ron Duckworth
Open J Fairies in the fire Ron Duckworth
Open S Flower Ron Duckworth
Monochrome G BMW Munich Rory Baker
Open G Early sunrise Rory Baker
Set Subject G Tranquility Rory Baker
Monochrome S I am the force.. Rory Baker
Monochrome G Capital K  Sean  Baker 
Open G MM Stadium  Sean  Baker 
Open G Midlands Landscape  Sean  Baker 
Open S Couple  Sean  Baker 
Nature B Pelican island sunset Sharon  Honman
Nature G Water break Sharon  Honman
Photo Journalism J Port helicopter at work Sharon  Honman
Nature S Starking cub Sharon  Honman
Nature S hooded vulture Susan Peters
Photo Journalism S losing battle Susan Peters
Open B pink sky Teresa de Beer
Open G Lonely openiness Teresa de Beer
Open S Uniondale farmhouse Teresa de Beer
Open S Silver ball Teresa de Beer
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