These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be vied in the Gallery.
Judges Maggie Lally - BCC (Open, Set Subject, Photo Journalism, Creative)
Keith Marallich - DCC (Nature, MonoChrome)
Set Subject Circles
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

Category Award Photo Title First Name Last Name
Nature B Fly away Rory Baker
Open S Before the rain Rory Baker
Open G Surfer 2 Rory Baker
Open G Gouritz River Rory Baker
Monochrome S Couple  Sean  Baker 
Monochrome S Adin Sean  Baker 
Open S Breaking Wave  Sean  Baker 
Open N Jessica Sean  Baker 
Outings G railway line Julie Barnes
Outings J waterfront.jpg Julie Barnes
Set Subject M train wheels Julie Barnes
Creative M City storm Dee Bennion
Nature B Assassin bug Dee Bennion
Open G Sanctuary Dee Bennion
Photo Journalism S Capetown to Goodwood 2 Dee Bennion
Nature B Its mine Prakash Bhikha
Open B Harbour Panorama Prakash Bhikha
Outings G Railway shed Prakash Bhikha
Set Subject J Sunset Stadium 2 Prakash Bhikha
Monochrome S There but for the grace ... Cheryl Callanan
Open G Moyo pier Cheryl Callanan
Open S Paddle skier Cheryl Callanan
Open G Westbrook house Cheryl Callanan
Open S Seeds Lynn Cooper
Open B Okavango Boat Ride Lynn Cooper
Open S Khayalisha Lynn Cooper
Monochrome N Groovy Ron Duckworth
Monochrome N icy Road Ron Duckworth
Open S Florida Sunset Ron Duckworth
Set Subject S Spirit of Madiba Ron Duckworth
Monochrome M CITY SCAPE (MONO) Lorraine Fonseca
Monochrome G Zebra Lorraine Fonseca
Open M DAMSELFLY Lorraine Fonseca
Open G COSMOS Lorraine Fonseca
Open M Twin Towers rob gasken
Open G Twin Towers at Dusk rob gasken
Open G Colourful Fountain rob gasken
Open G Fountain by night rob gasken
Open B Prepare for take off Jackie Gasken
Open G Bird in flight Jackie Gasken
Open B Xmas Fever JANICE  GASS
Open B Walking the Dogs JANICE  GASS
Open S me and my shadow JANICE  GASS
Set Subject B Coloured strbes JANICE  GASS
Nature S focused Michael Gill
Nature B Egytian Goose Michael Gill
Open S Country Road Michael Gill
Open S Grey morning Michael Gill
Monochrome G Shy Charmer Carol Hayward Fell
Open G The eyes Say it All Carol Hayward Fell
Open S Garden Visitor Carol Hayward Fell
Open B Contrasting Textures Carol Hayward Fell
Nature B Leopard morning rest Graham Hosking
Open S Gateway reflections Graham Hosking
Photo Journalism B Sousiesvlei Dune 45 walk Graham Hosking
Photo Journalism B Viabrant Durban Graham Hosking
Creative G Spectral Fisherboy Maggie Lally
Nature G The Wise Owl Maggie Lally
Set Subject N Drain Outlet Maggie Lally
Set Subject N Rope and Chain Maggie Lally
Nature M African Wattled Lapwing Keith Marallich
Nature S Male Giant Kingfisher Keith Marallich
Nature G On Lookout Keith Marallich
Nature S Who Goes There Keith Marallich
Open N Dutch tall ships Kevin Milne
Open B Obstacle race Kevin Milne
Open N Carrie Kevin Milne
Open G Nathan Kevin Milne
Nature J The Patrol Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Nature G Rhino skermish Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Nature S Leopard at water hole 1 Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Nature S Lets fight Kushal (G A) Nukanna
Nature B picking bones Susan Peters
Nature S feeding Matthew Peters
Nature G goliath heron Susan Peters
Nature B Ground hornbill Matthew Peters
Nature G gliding by Susan Peters
Monochrome B Mylee John Robinson
Nature B Hunters web John Robinson
Nature S Lesser grey shrike John Robinson
Nature B FROG EYE John Robinson
Creative M Safe our Planet Heide Smallwood
Creative G Ghost Rider Heide Smallwood
Creative G Tornedo Man Heide Smallwood
Open G Spirit Dance Heide Smallwood
Open S Collapsed Pier Bronwyn Smith
Open J Crucifixion Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject S Flower Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject S Circles of Colour Bronwyn Smith
Open B 004 O Focused Gemma van Hees
Open S 004 O Coming home safely Gemma van Hees
Open G 004 O Calming Matrix Gemma van Hees
Open S 004 O Big boys and their toys Gemma van Hees
Creative G Storm in a teacup Louisa van Niekerk
Open S Pure Louisa van Niekerk
Open B Chappies and Chommy Louisa van Niekerk
Set Subject S Circles Louisa van Niekerk
Monochrome G Bird Bathing Craig Young
Monochrome G Tulip Craig Young
Open J Soft Flower Craig Young
Set Subject S Xmas Tree Craig Young

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