GRAHAM HOSKING  ~  3-STAR (11/12/2013)
The enjoyment I derive from photography is in capturing God’s moments.
Where does one start and how do you profile yourself as a photographer? “Am I a professional or amateur, good, average, mediocre or poor photographer” I ask myself? All of the above sounds good, but in reality possibly one of them at any point in time.

I first started photography as a hobby in 2010 when I procured a Nikon D5000. I participated in the free “get to know your camera” course and an animal camera Safari with C4 Images to Mashatu in Botswana. Prior to this I dabbled in amateur photography since a youngster at school starting with the manual camera’s, film and hand held light meters and then came happy snap digitals!

The enjoyment I derive from photography is in capturing God’s moments and sharing that moment with whomever comes into contact with that image. It is relaxing to immerse yourself in God’s world through the lens of the camera.
It is therapeutic having fellowship with likeminded camera club people, the forming of friendships, learning from those who are willing to share their knowledge and then teaching those who wish to learn from one’s own knowledge.

I enjoy all styles of photography, however nature is preferable with animals taking prime spot, landscape, birds and flowers. My wife Melissa, of 30 years, is a special photographer’s aide, she has learn’t to position the vehicle for the greatest image to be taken, switch off the vehicle to avoid camera shake and provide a stabalising arm for when the scene is usually on the opposite side of the vehicle to me.

The result of not specialising in one jandre of photography means you remain in the category of a “jack of all trades and master of none.” I prefer this option as it is what makes Camera clubs so interesting.

Currently I am a member of Durban Camera Club and enjoy belonging to and participating in this club and all the related activities.

I have attended a JAP course in June of 2013 and will look forward to participating in some joint judging efforts going forward in 2014. After seeing a number of judging processes I think the PSSA approach of judging is the way to go.

I also run a social camera club at our church which is for fellowship of likeminded people and for learning and teaching from one another about photography.

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