RON DUCKWORTH  ~  4-STAR (11/12/2013)
I enjoy golf and fishing too!
Ron’s interest in photography started in the 1960s when he was given a 35mm camera as a gift. He completed a photography course at the PE Technical College and among other things learned how to develop and print his own work. His kitchen doubled as a dark room with an enlarger standing on the cupboard and projecting on to the floor to allow large prints to be made. When colour film became available he added 35 mm colour slides to his output.

In the 1970’s his interest in still photography waned in favour of more active sports such as surfing, power boating, fishing and sailing. Over the years he again became interested in digital photography and digital music composition and being employed in the computer industry at the time, he soon mastered the art of digital movie making using a variety of computer software products to include special effects and his music.
Prior to and upon retirement, his interest in still photography was rekindled as a result of his overseas travels and in order to improve his work he felt the need to meet and work with like-minded people. In March 2011 he joined the DCC and since then has been actively involved in the affairs of the club at committee level as Honorary Treasurer.

He views photography as an art form which gives poetic licence to the person behind the lens and enjoys trying new ideas and styles such as HDR, macro work, scapes and monochrome pictures (probably as a result of his experience as a monochrome rookie in the ‘60s). He uses a variety of post processing software including Photoshop, Portrait Professional, Photomatix, Lightroom and his workhorse, Irfanview. 

Improved technique and club results have seen him promoted from a 1-star worker to a 4-star worker during the past 2 years. 

Camera Bag

His camera bag contains a basic Canon 550D, with Canon 18- 55m,Canon 18-200m, Sigma 70-300mm and Bower suoerwide 0.42x fisheye lenses, a Speedlite 270EX, Agfaphoto Polarising filter, a set of close up lenses and UV filters as well as a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 bridge camera.

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