MARION JACKSON  ~  4-STAR (11/12/2013)
So this is me – a simple yet very passionate individual who loves photography. 
I became interested in photography about 5 years ago after going on a shoot with my son-in-law who is a professional photographer. At first I had a small point and shoot camera and decided to buy something better so bought a Canon G11 and became totally passionate about taking photos. Approximately 2 ½ years ago I decided to upgrade my camera so bought a Canon 550D. Just over a year ago I upgraded to a Canon 60D and also bought my first L Lens70mm – 300mm, a Macro 100mm, and a 24 – 105mm.

About 6 months ago I set up a small studio in my garage with 2 lights, umbrella, soft box, light meter, back drops and a few other props so that I could do some Macro and portrait photography which has become a passion of mine, although I do enjoy landscape photography as well.

Recently I again had a rethink and upgraded from my 60D to Canon 5D Mark III – an amazing camera!!

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