LOUISA VAN NIEKERK  ~  4-STAR (6/12/2013)
My motto: A good stove does not necessarily cook a great meal, it takes skill and lot and lots of passion.
I’m Louisa van Niekerk and I’ve started photography, as a hobby, two years ago. Right after I got my camera, I joined a camera club in Mpumalanga, where we stayed at the time. They taught me all the basics of photography. I’ve never done a formal photography course, I get all my information from friends at the club and Google, my best girlfriend (she knows everything).

I have joined DCC eight months ago. I’m very competitive and I believe we have to compete, to learn and improve our skills. I try to attend every judging evening at club, meeting other people who share my passion and to get constructive criticism. Friends and family just support, they never criticise.

I love shooting portraits, still life and table tops. Most of all I like combining photo’s, creating altered reality shots, pushing the boundaries of reality. To me and I think most other photographers, photography is an art, there is no right, or wrong way. Rules have to be learned and then broken. Experiment, what works for one photo, does not work for the next.

My Camera Bag:

Where my gear is concerned, nothing much to talk about: A Canon 550D camera, Canon 24-105mm F4 L lens, a Canon 50mm F1.4 lens (my favourite), Canon 430 EX II Speedlight, a tripod and a Monopod. Next on my wish list is a Wide angle lens……...!
Louisa van Niekerk


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