Congratulations to all the winners for 2013!!

Photographer of the year  -  Heidie Smallwood

16 November 2013

Lasts night the Awards Function was a great success, lots of thanks to everyones input especially to Ron and his wife Jannette who worked really hard with the arrangements and the table decorations were awesome!! Also thanks to all the wives, husbands and partners of our Members for joining DCC for this grand occasion.

KZN PSSA Director Nevil Tyler addressed the gathering and gave a very positive outlook for PSSA in KZN with possibly two more clubs coming on board and the first two schools in KZN have joined PSSA. Despite this some challenges lie ahead especially with respect to JAP and judging in KZN.

DCC President (me) also addressed the gathering and I highlighted a few challenges our club has faced over the past year, most notably, we have amended the competition rules at the beginning of the year, switched over to Photo Vault Online for our entries, introduced a new scoring system and again have amended our rules for the start of the 2014 competition year. We have increased the amount of Golds/Merits and Salon Acceptances for promotions and no longer substitute Salon Acceptances with Golds and Merits from 5-Star to Honours making achieving Honours harder but at the end of the day more prestigious and well earned. I also highlighted other challenges for 2014 such as more more participation in PSSA Salons and other PSSA competitions and more participation in JAP and judging from the Members. Another big challenge for 2014 is to have more focus on post processing, many Members are getting all the rules right with taking the photo; focus, dof, thirds, horizons, composition etc., but falling down on the post processing. To this end we will have some workshops through the year!

Then it was on to the business end of the night which was the awards.

Best in Category:

Creative: Heidie Smallwood
Nature: Keith Marralich
PJ: Kevin Mullins
Monochrome: Sean Baker
Set Subject: Louisa van Niekerk
Open: Arlene Mullins

Most Salon Acceptances: Heidie Smallwood

Most Improved Photographer of the Year: Kushal Nukana

Heidie Smallwood

Keith Marralich

Louisa van Niekerk
Kevin Mullins

Kushal Nukana
Arlene Mullins

Photographer of the year: Heidie Smallwood

The photographer of the year is based purely on the Top of the Log standings - see attached list of all members standings for the year. I highlighted last night that it is not necessarily 5-Star Members who can win this title but anyone can as long as you are consistently entering and achieving good points appropriate to your Star Rating. The key is to enter every month....!!


We also had two Honours promotions last night. Congratulations to Heidie Smallwood and Maggie Lally for achieving DCC Club Honours - well done, this is a huge achievement and has come form a lot of hard work and dedication to photography.
Heidie Smallwood and Maggie Lally receiving their Honours from Nevil Tyler and Rory Baker

PSSA Club Service Award:

This award is intended for club members who have served their clubs, as well as photography in general, to a greater degree than the average club member, over an extended period. Service may be in any form and does not necessarily have to include photographic competence.

Durban Camera Club last night recognised four people for their dedicated service to DCC over many years, these people truly deserve this award.
Janice Gass

Janice Gass has been a member of Durban Camera Club for eighteen years and for the whole time she has been involved has served on the committee. Initially she was very active raising funds by getting companies to advertise on the club magazine, arranging gifts for club raffles and monthly competitions.
In 2003 Janice took over the role of Competition Steward and record keeping for the club. In 2010 the record keep was handed to another person but Janice still continued as the Competition Steward. Janice also has been the coordinator for technical meetings ensuring we had guest speakers. Her biggest achievement was arranging the first ever Durban Camera Club digital salon at the iMax theater. Janice still serves on the Durban Camera Club committee today, is an active 5-Star photographer and is always willing to go the extra mile to serve the club.
Matthew Peters

Matthew started photography in the early seventies and soon thereafter joined the Cape Town Photographic Society. After moving to Durban in the early 2000’s Matthew joined Durban Camera Club where he was elected onto the committee in 2005 and was put in the position of Club Treasurer. In 2006 he was elected President of Durban Camera Club and remained president until he stepped down at the 2012 AGM.
Mathew’s legacy is that he helped the club transition from slide and print to digital and held the members together with this ‘new’ age of photography. Today Durban Camera Club is thriving and we have a lot to thank Matthew for, for his years for loyal and dedicated service.
Mathew is still a very active 5-Star member of the Durban Camera Club always willing to help where he can and has set himself a new goal in his retirement to join PSSA and achieve an LPSSA.
Gerald and Dianne Hall

Gerald started photography in 1960 and has belonged to Camera Clubs ever since. He joined the Durban Camera Club in 1980 and was elected to the Committee in 1982 where he has served ever since, a total of 31 years. Gerald together with Dianne have been doing the refreshments, teas and assisting at every function since 1982. In 2007 Gerald was elected also as the Club Secretary where he has held that post until today. Gerald and Diane are not 5-Star workers, they don’t often enter images in competitions since the change to digital but their enthusiasm and dedication to serve the Durban Camera Club has been remarkable.
Congratulations to all recipients of awards!

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