These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be vied in the Gallery.
Judges Rory Baker - DCC (Monochrome, Nature, PJ)
Kevin Mullins - DCC (Open, Creative, Set Subject)
Set Subject Architecture
Category Award Photo Title Last Name First Name
 Open Gold Ryan 2.jpeg Barnes Julie
 Set Subject Merit moses mabida.jpeg Barnes Julie
 Set Subject Gold waterfront.jpg Barnes Julie
 Set Subject Gold stadium.jpeg Barnes Julie
 Set Subject Silver Towards the sky Bennion Dee
 PJ Silver Cramping up Bennion Dee
 Nature Merit Charaxes Bennion Dee
 Nature Gold Robber fly Bennion Dee
 Open Gold Street cafe Callanan Cheryl
 Monochrome Gold Wannabe a train driver Callanan Cheryl
 Nature Merit Mud bath Callanan Cheryl
 Nature Gold Baby ostrich Callanan Cheryl
 Open Merit Towing the line Cooper Lynn
 Open Gold Going Shopping Cooper Lynn
 Open Gold English Summer Cooper Lynn
 Open Silver Hanging up my coat Cooper Lynn
 Open Silver Lotte De Groep Cheryl
 Open Silver reflection in blue De Groep Cheryl
 Creative Silver What a lot I got De Groep Cheryl
 Open Merit CITY-SCAPE Fonseca Lorraine
 Open Gold NICOLE Fonseca Lorraine
 Monochrome Silver OLD ARCHITECTURE Fonseca Lorraine
 Nature Silver CAPE SUNRISE Fonseca Lorraine
 Open Silver Wall Deco Fonseca Roger
 Set Subject Gold Old Architecture Fonseca Roger
 Nature Merit Egyptian Goose Fonseca Roger
 Nature Silver Ostrich Fonseca Roger
 Open Gold Moya at Dawn GASS JANICE 
 Open Gold Chasing the Baloon GASS JANICE 
 Open Gold Full Moon GASS JANICE 
 Nature Silver Leopard Resting GASS JANICE 
 Open Gold Old Bridges Gill Michael
 Open Silver Water for a Thirsty Land Gill Michael
 Open Silver Oh My Hair Gill Michael
 Nature Gold Young Grey Heron Gill Michael
 Open Gold  tranquillity Honman Sharon 
 Nature Not judged Water buck Honman Sharon 
 Open Gold My Morning Coffee Jackson Marion
 Open Silver Apples on the Path Jackson Marion
 Nature Gold Lichen Jackson Marion
 Nature Silver I am watching you Jackson Marion
 Set Subject Silver Arches Lally Maggie
 Set Subject Silver Ruin Lally Maggie
 Set Subject Bronze Maritzburg Architecture Lally Maggie
 Nature Gold Owl Portrait Lally Maggie
 Open Gold Emirates King Shaka Lambert Peter
 Open Gold Summerveld Dash Lambert Peter
 Open Gold Haunted House Lambert Peter
 Open Silver Hibiscus Lambert Peter
 Monochrome Silver The Last Rays of the Day Marallich Keith
 Monochrome Bronze At Seventeen Marallich Keith
 Nature Silver On the Tip of My Tongue Marallich Keith
 Nature Bronze Southern Red Bishop Marallich Keith
 Nature Silver Old giraffe Milne Kevin
 Nature Bronze Aloe Head Milne Kevin
 Nature Bronze Hornbill in thorny cage Milne Kevin
 Nature Bronze Umngazi Dune Milne Kevin
 Open Bronze Giant Kingfisher Moodley Prem
 Monochrome Silver Zebras Drinking Moodley Prem
 Nature Gold Southern Ground Hornbill Moodley Prem
 Nature Silver Elephant Family Moodley Prem
 Open Gold Put foot Mullins Arlene
 Open Silver Beautiful Splendour Mullins Arlene
 Nature Gold Catching the sun Mullins Arlene
 Nature Silver Sliding off Mullins Arlene
 PJ Silver Radical cutback Mullins Kevin
 Monochrome Gold Speed 2 mono Mullins Kevin
 Nature Gold Will I make it Mullins Kevin
 Nature Gold Eagle flight Mullins Kevin
 Open Merit Orchid nobrega catherine
 Set Subject Gold Mosque nobrega catherine
 PJ Gold MT Bike Championship Nukanna Kushal (G A)
 Nature Gold Hyena Pup Nukanna Kushal (G A)
 Nature Silver Dancing Zebras Nukanna Kushal (G A)
 Nature Silver Birds Eye View Nukanna Kushal (G A)
 Open Silver Family portrait Peters Matthew
 Open Silver Olive sunbird 1 Peters Matthew
 PJ Silver Brian Capper Peters Matthew
 Nature Gold Hopper Peters Matthew
 PJ Silver sliding duo Peters Susan
 PJ Bronze my ball Peters Susan
 Nature Silver hippo discussion Peters Susan
 Open Gold SEAGULL Robinson John
 Open Gold Hyena on road Robinson John
 Open Bronze Toncarne beach sunset Robinson John
 Nature Silver Nambiti lion Robinson John
 Open Merit sweeping the dirt under the carpet Smallwood Heide
 Monochrome Gold Mechanical Eye Smallwood Heide
 Monochrome Gold in bondage Smallwood Heide
 Monochrome Silver The dancing lesson Smallwood Heide
 Open Silver Double azaleas Smith Bronwyn
 Open Silver Fun in a bubble 1 Smith Bronwyn
 Set Subject Gold Old School Building Smith Bronwyn
 Nature Silver Sunrise in shades of magenta Smith Bronwyn
 Open Silver Azalea van Niekerk Louisa
 Set Subject Gold Medieval entrance van Niekerk Louisa
 Creative Merit Bubbly tea van Niekerk Louisa
 Creative Gold Mothers and daughters van Niekerk Louisa

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