2019-05 Results

 OP Michael Allison 3STAR what a life B
 OP Michael Allison 3STAR i see you B
 OP Michael Allison 3STAR oops G
 OP Michael Allison 3STAR before sunrise S
 MO Rory Baker B-HONORS Head On G
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Paraat G
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Right Eye G
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Tasty Lips G
 OU Rory Baker B-HONORS 1000 Hills sun G
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Food Hunt S
 SS Natalie Bowden 2STAR Zoe  G
 CR Natalie Bowden 2STAR Looking out at the rain M
 NA Natalie Bowden 2STAR Zebra Foal S
 OP Natalie Bowden 2STAR Hot Cross Bun S
 SS Natalie Bowden 2STAR Sharky S
 MO Elaine Brady 1STAR Sebastian G
 SS Elaine Brady 1STAR Master Jack G
 MO Elaine Brady 1STAR On the road S
 OU Elaine Brady 1STAR Bothas Hill S
 CR Diane Cassells 2STAR seeing things G
 MO Diane Cassells 2STAR Joshy G
 NA Diane Cassells 2STAR Bokkie in the bush G
 NA Diane Cassells 2STAR Chilled cheetah G
 OP Diane Cassells 2STAR heart stealer G
 MO Peter Charter 3STAR Chris Saunders Park Umhl G
 OP Peter Charter 3STAR 90Km in the legs 1  G
 MO Peter Charter 3STAR Gate to nowhere S
 NA Peter Charter 3STAR Mangrove Crab S
 OU Peter Charter 3STAR Inanda dam morning 1  S
 SS Peter Charter 3STAR Ollie catnapping S
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Back Off G
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Odd one out G
 OU Shan Charter 4STAR Wood Collector G
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Circle of Life S
 NA Alan Crowder 2STAR 1000 Hills 6 G
 OP Alan Crowder 2STAR Bridge 1 G
 OU Alan Crowder 2STAR 1000 Hills 3 M
 NA Alan Crowder 2STAR 1000 Hills 2 S
 NA Alan Crowder 2STAR Buffalo 1 S
 OP Kim Flack 4STAR Fly S
 SS Kim Flack 4STAR Jemima S
 SS Kim Flack 4STAR Adopt dont shop S
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Gerry G
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS Sea and sky G
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS Multi stemmed M
 SS rob gasken 4STAR Louie B
 NA rob gasken 4STAR Reflections G
 OU rob gasken 4STAR Photographer at work G
 OP rob gasken 4STAR Sisters S
 OP rob gasken 4STAR Another Kenmo Photo S
 OU rob gasken 4STAR Mist in the Valley S
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR Afternoon Sieta G
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR Red Headed Weaver. G
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Nature takes over B
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Tank demo B
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Transport reflections B
 SS Dianne HALL 3STAR Patient friend B
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Facinating army show S
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Not in line B
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Blown down E
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Steam at dawn G
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Additional push S
 SS Carol Hayward F 4STAR We are Watching you B
 OP Carol Hayward F 4STAR Butter Wouldnt Melt... G
 OP Carol Hayward F 4STAR Feeling Shy S
 OP Carol Hayward F 4STAR Carnival Girl S
 SS Carol Hayward F 4STAR Tabbycat S
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Quick Stop G
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Look G
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR I do love you G
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Got You S
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Dont stop I love it S
 OP Peter Lambert 4STAR Blue Lagoon Fishermen B
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR Butterfly G
 SS Peter Lambert 4STAR Cat Man Do M
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR Bird S
 OP Peter Lambert 4STAR Blue Lagoon Sunrise S
 OP Mary Landsberg 3STAR Stupa B
 OP Mary Landsberg 3STAR Crysanth M
 MO Mary Landsberg 3STAR Big Buddha S
 MO Mary Landsberg 3STAR Rose S
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR The Long Stare G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Three Play G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR The Hairy Eye G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Seeing Eye to Eye S
 CR Heide Smallwood S-HONORS ascension B
 MO Heide Smallwood S-HONORS unter der Laterne G
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS the game G
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS inside Loco S
 OP Sandy van Heerd 3STAR Slug Supper G
 SS Sandy van Heerd 3STAR Profile Pose G
 OP Sandy van Heerd 3STAR Beach Bubbles S
 OP Sandy van Heerd 3STAR Sea Symmetry  S
 OU Sandy van Heerd 3STAR Look out S
 MO Brian Williams 4STAR Champ S
 MO Brian Williams 4STAR Boxer S
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR On the side S
 OU Brian Williams 4STAR Valley Sunrise S
 OU Brian Williams 4STAR Umgeni Motion S
 NA Mark Zunckel 1STAR Lilac Breasted Roller G
 NA Mark Zunckel 1STAR Tembe Chicken G
 NA Mark Zunckel 1STAR Shrooms G
 SS Mark Zunckel 1STAR Bart M
 SS Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Old Lady 1 G
 SS Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Old Lady 2 S
 SS Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Cat S
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