2018 Set Subjects

Each month the club as a specific Set Subject category.
February, submit date 31 Jan Holidays (no record images)
March, submit date 28 Feb Portraits
April, submit date 31 Mar Best of KZN - PSSA Annual club competition set subject
May, Submit date 30 Apr Garden wildlife
June, submit date 31 May Textures / patterns
July, submit date 30 Jun Steam trains, trains, aloes
August, submit date 31 Jul Seascapes and landscapes
September, submit date 31 Aug Monochrome and / or monochrome residual colour
October, submit date 30 Sep Creative - (for example feet and shoes, doors and gates, letters of the alphabet)
November, submit date 31 Oct Macro/Closeup
December, submit date 30 Nov Bright colours
February, submit date 31 Jan Birds

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