2018 Set Subjects

Each month the club as a specific Set Subject category.
February, submit date 31 Jan Holidays (no record images)
March, submit date 28 Feb Portraits
April, submit date 31 Mar Best of KZN - PSSA Annual club competition set subject
May, Submit date 30 Apr Garden wildlife
June, submit date 31 May Textures / patterns
July, submit date 30 Jun Steam trains, trains, aloes
August, submit date 31 Jul Monochrome
September, submit date 31 Aug Seascapes, landscapes and motor bike rally
October, submit date 30 Sep Creative - feet and shoes, doors and gates, letters of the alphabet
November, submit date 31 Oct Macro/Closeup
December, submit date 30 Nov Bright colours
February, submit date 31 Jan Birds

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