These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the May 2017 Gallery.

Judges Conrad Kelsey
Max Fowles
Rob Gasken
Set Subject Human Portraiture

 NA Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Look at me G
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR European Roller S
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Cotton Stainer G
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Jacqui S
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Ally G
 MO Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Mushrooms B
 NA Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Butterfly at rest S
 NA Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Beetle S
 NA Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Dewdrops on white flower B
 SS Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Smiling Sylvia  G
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Enaleni a la Mexico S
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Kath S
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Jen G
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Artist Portrait with Painting B
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Human Portraiture We Drew Each Other S
 OP Dianne HALL 2STAR Type 21b S
 OP Dianne HALL 2STAR Summer star B
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR Concentration S
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR Relaxed B
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR Little recruit S
 NA Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Menhir S
 NA Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR At a distance G
 OP Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Edenrock S
 OP Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Pasture at sunset S
 SS Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Self Portrait S
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Golden feldbahn S
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Reenactment G
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Bee in zinia B
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Hubbly bubbly B
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR The keysers B
 NA Graham Hosking 3STAR Cape eagle Owl G
 OP Graham Hosking 3STAR Surfing Gramps S
 OP Graham Hosking 3STAR Thirsty calf S
 OP Graham Hosking 3STAR Surfing the crest S
 OU Graham Hosking 3STAR Sheffield beach sunrise S
 SS Graham Hosking 3STAR Hat Parade S
 NA Hayden Stone 4STAR Vulture M
 NA Hayden Stone 4STAR African Sunset G
 NA Hayden Stone 4STAR Scruffy G
 SS Hayden Stone 4STAR Wickedly Odd S
 MO Heide Smallwood B-HONORS You know who you are G
 MO Heide Smallwood B-HONORS Aggression G
 NA Heide Smallwood B-HONORS Crabspider B
 OP Heide Smallwood B-HONORS down Point road G
 NA Ina Baker 2STAR Eagle S
 OP Ina Baker 2STAR Geen Skaamte G
 OP Ina Baker 2STAR Hole in the wall G
 OP Ina Baker 2STAR Energie S
 SS Ina Baker 2STAR On the Bus Look S
 OU Jackie Gasken 3STAR Sheffield Beach S
 MO JANICE  GASS 5STAR Staying Close  S
 OP JANICE  GASS 5STAR The Emperors new clothes. G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Just Another B o a S G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Emereld Spotted Wood Dove G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Chewin on a Piece of Grass G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Under an African Sky M
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Resting butterfly B
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Save our ivory S
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Dew on water lily S
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Frog in pink canna S
 MO Linda Paul 3STAR no more now G
 OP Linda Paul 3STAR eerie B
 OP Linda Paul 3STAR never fear B
 OP Linda Paul 3STAR barely S
 OP Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR MALE SURFER S
 OP Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR LADY SURFER S
 OP Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR SURFER S
 CR Louisa van Niekerk B-HONORS Bad moon rising M
 MO Louisa van Niekerk B-HONORS Lara 2 mono G
 NA Louisa van Niekerk B-HONORS Moody sunrise S
 OP Louisa van Niekerk B-HONORS Dandelion painting G
 SS Louisa van Niekerk B-HONORS Relaxed S
 CR Peter Lambert 3STAR SA Express G
 NA Peter Lambert 3STAR Beady Eyed Dragonfly G
 NA Peter Lambert 3STAR Dragonflies fighting for landing rights G
 OP Peter Charter 1STAR Smoky Inanda from the West S
 OU Peter Charter 1STAR Sheffield Beach Sunrise 2 G
 OU Peter Charter 1STAR Sheffield Beach Sunrise G
 SS Peter Charter 1STAR Watching the sunrise G
 SS Peter Charter 1STAR Morning Stretches B
 SS Peter Charter 1STAR Morning Beach Jog G
 OP Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR Contemplation  G
 OP Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR Bang Bao Morning S
 SS Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR Franki S
 SS Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR Friends forever G
 NA rob gasken 3STAR Fly G
 OP rob gasken 3STAR Berg Sunset S
 OP rob gasken 3STAR Mist Morning S
 OU rob gasken 3STAR Sunrise S
 OU rob gasken 3STAR Sheffield Sunrise G
 NA Roger Fonseca 3STAR Duck S
 OP Roger Fonseca 3STAR End of the road S
 OP Roger Fonseca 3STAR Take off G
 NA Ron Duckworth 4STAR Ants G
 NA Ron Duckworth 4STAR Dragonfly G
 OP Ron Duckworth 4STAR Making Money J
 SS Ron Duckworth 4STAR Kaela B
 SS Ron Duckworth 4STAR Natasha S
 MO Rory Baker B-HONORS Early Start S
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS African Hummingbird Hawk Moth B
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Morning banter S
 OP Rory Baker B-HONORS Clear Waters S
 OU Rory Baker B-HONORS Sheffield G
 SS Rory Baker B-HONORS Black and White G
 NA Shan Charter 3STAR Kurrichane Thrush G
 NA Shan Charter 3STAR Crowned Lapwing S
 OP Shan Charter 3STAR Fly Away Home G
 MO Wendy Freer P-HONORS Farm worker G
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Leopard in the grass B
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Alert lechwe G
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Sheffield beach before sunrise S
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Rocky coastline G
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