These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the November 2016 Gallery.

Judges Rory Baker
Graham Hosking
Derek Gravett
Set Subject Smoke, Steam or Gas

 SA Brian Widdowson 3STAR The Racer G
 SS Brian Widdowson 3STAR Puffing Billy S
 W Brian Williams 3STAR Beauty and the beast G
 W Brian Williams 3STAR Meves Starling B
 W Brian Williams 3STAR Scrub Robin S
 W Brian Williams 3STAR Crimson Breasted Shrike S
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Let us dance M
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR What is up there G
 OU Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Purple and Yellow B
 OU Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Cape Glossy Starling S
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Smoky Diwali S
 O Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Sun filtering through the trees S
 O Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Sunset at Sani B
 O Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Bridge ahead S
 O Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Camberg B
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Big Kiss S
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Blue Mood  G
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Venus with Tabbies S
 O Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Young Woman S
 MO Cheryl King 3STAR Smiling Street Vendor S
 MO Cheryl Callanan 5STAR Cheeky smile S
 N Cheryl De Groep 2STAR Sunset over Chobe S
 O Cheryl De Groep 2STAR Red Wing Starling G
 O Cheryl De Groep 2STAR Bush Hyper  S
 O Cheryl De Groep 2STAR Hang Ten G
 O Cheryl King 3STAR Autumn Colours G
 O Cheryl Callanan 5STAR Rainy day G
 O Cheryl Callanan 5STAR Sorry Mommy G
 W Cheryl King 3STAR Licking my Lips S
 W Cheryl King 3STAR Handsome Rockjumper S
 MO Deren Naiker 2STAR Majestic G
 N Deren Naiker 2STAR Happy Feet G
 O Deren Naiker 2STAR let the bridges we burn light the way G
 O Deren Naiker 2STAR Angelic G
 O Dianne HALL 2STAR This way up B
 O Dianne HALL 2STAR Just get it straight S
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR Beware its hot B
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR Blured view G
 MO Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Eland M
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Stream and Rock M
 O Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Still Waters G
 W Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Fight and prize S
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Blowing down G
 N Graham Hosking 3STAR Male puffadder G
 O Graham Hosking 3STAR Ageing process G
 SA Graham Hosking 3STAR Woman power G
 SA Graham Hosking 3STAR The race is on S
 O Hayden Stone 3STAR Trickster G
 OU Hayden Stone 3STAR A Little Swim G
 OU Hayden Stone 3STAR Open Wide G
 SS Hayden Stone 3STAR Pandoras Box G
 SS Hayden Stone 3STAR Enchanted Garden G
 C Heide Smallwood B-HONORS The magic carpet G
 O Heide Smallwood B-HONORS Slayer M
 O Heide Smallwood B-HONORS Mo at Muddy Waters Wall G
 O Heide Smallwood B-HONORS Tamia G
 O Ina Baker 2STAR Aarbei en Room S
 O Ina Baker 2STAR Ochards 2 G
 O Ina Baker 2STAR Man at Work S
 OU Ina Baker 2STAR Flame G
 N Jackie Gasken 3STAR Lily S
 N Jackie Gasken 3STAR Do I look Good in This S
 O Jackie Gasken 3STAR Take Your Mark S
 SS Jackie Gasken 3STAR Coffee Anyone G
 W JANICE  GASS 5STAR Crested Guinea Fowl S
 W JANICE  GASS 5STAR Kruger Leopard. S
 O Joan Widdowson 3STAR Landing G
 W Joan Widdowson 3STAR The Drinking Hole S
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Red Headed Finch S
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR This Way Mom S
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Barbet in a Hole G
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Damn Birds G
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Young peacock S
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Blue Macaw  G
 O Kevin Milne 4STAR Tranquillity S
 O Kevin Milne 4STAR Curious calf G
 O Kim Flack 3STAR Young Lesotho Sheperd G
 O Kim Flack 3STAR Village Man G
 O Kim Flack 3STAR Happy Shepard S
 O Kim Flack 3STAR Village Elder M
 MO Linda Paul 3STAR rain is ok S
 O Linda Paul 3STAR where to cowboy S
 O Linda Paul 3STAR two tickets mom G
 O Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR PRETTY GIRL M
 O Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR MODEL S
 O Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR BOY MODEL M
 N Marion Jackson 5STAR Sunrise Mooi River S
 O Marion Jackson 5STAR Fishermans boat G
 OU Marion Jackson 5STAR Marsh Terrapin B
 SS Marion Jackson 5STAR Smoke Horse S
 W Marion Jackson 5STAR Ever so cute S
 N Mary Landsberg 3STAR Sunset in the Bush S
 O Mary Landsberg 3STAR Happy Chap S
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR Smoke Plume G
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR Burning Incense S
 N Michael Gill 2STAR two at once S
 N Michael Gill 2STAR Tom the Toad S
 O Michael Gill 2STAR Bougainvillea S
 O Michael Gill 2STAR Smug S
 N Peter Lambert 3STAR Botanical Gardens Spider G
 MO Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR Intrigue S
 N Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR Marbled sands S
 O Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR Local ladies S
 SS Rhonwyn van Tonder 3STAR smokey Rose B
 N rob gasken 3STAR Bird on a Wire G
 N rob gasken 3STAR Camouflaged S
 N rob gasken 3STAR Oh to be free B
 N rob gasken 3STAR Kite S
 MO Rory Baker B-HONORS Early at Amber S
 MO Rory Baker B-HONORS Model 28 G
 N Rory Baker B-HONORS Crested Barbet 2 M
 O Rory Baker B-HONORS Vibrant Race 2 G
 O Rosella Williamson 3STAR Contrasting View S
 O Rosella Williamson 3STAR Under the Grape  Vines S
 O Rosella Williamson 3STAR Harsh Living G
 SS Rosella Williamson 3STAR vapour trails S
 W Rosella Williamson 3STAR Rock Gecko S
 N Shan Charter 3STAR Mountain Reflections G
 O Shan Charter 3STAR Malawian Welcome G
 O Shan Charter 3STAR Going Nowhere Slowly S
 W Shan Charter 3STAR Playtime S
 O Wendy Freer P-HONORS Wave curl S
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Drinking nectar S
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Web spider S
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Weaver taking off G
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