These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the August 2016 Gallery.

Judges Rory Baker
Geoff Feldon
Nerissa Naidoo
Bronwyn Smith
Set Subject Water Crafts
Category First Name Last Name Club Star Rating Title Award
MO Aurelie  Penin 1STAR Marseille S
 W Aurelie  Penin 1STAR Model monkey J
 W Aurelie  Penin 1STAR kingfisher S
 W Aurelie  Penin 1STAR Fly G
 N Brian Widdowson 3STAR Quiver Forest Sunset G
 O Brian Williams 3STAR Kamberg Valley S
 O Brian Widdowson 3STAR Up Up and Away M
 O Brian Williams 3STAR Kamberg Morning G
 O Brian Widdowson 3STAR Dune 457 S
 O Brian Williams 3STAR ET has landed S
 OU Brian Williams 3STAR Cisticola S
 SS Brian Williams 3STAR Yacht mole S
 W Brian Widdowson 3STAR Jackel at Sunset S
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Relaxing S
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Team Swim G
 O Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Felix G
 OU Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR High Up In the Sky G
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Fiery Sky S
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR David B
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Brunette Beauty B
 O Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Steves Last Birthday B
 O Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Monkey Business B
 MO catherine nobrega 3STAR Music Man G
 O catherine nobrega 3STAR Misty Waters  S
 O catherine nobrega 3STAR Discussion or reflection G
 O catherine nobrega 3STAR Muizenberg beach S
 MO Cheryl King 3STAR Archway S
 N Cheryl King 3STAR Blackwinged Stilt G
 N Cheryl King 3STAR Breakfast G
 O Cheryl King 3STAR Watching the Sunset S
 MO Deren Naiker 1STAR Diary of a Young Black Man S
 MO Deren Naiker 1STAR Blurred Lines S
 O Deren Naiker 1STAR Let the Lights Lead you home G
 OU Deren Naiker 1STAR Always by your side
 SS Deren Naiker 1STAR Golden Night S
 O Dianne HALL 2STAR Rural out look S
 O Dianne HALL 2STAR Look what i got G
 OU Dianne HALL 2STAR Spike B
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR Coach two B
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR Exercise over B
 MO Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Burnt G
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Painted Sky S
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Fire in the sky S
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Heavens Gate S
 O Gerald Hall 3STAR Kloof bound B
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR A tender nibble
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR High and dry
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Pusher end
 W Gerald Hall 3STAR Tripple out look S
 OU Graham Hosking 3STAR Nesting Pair
 OU Graham Hosking 3STAR Zebra dazzle
 OU Graham Hosking 3STAR Blesbok
 W Graham Hosking 3STAR Giraffe Kiss G
 O Hayden Stone 3STAR Durban City Sunrise B
 O Hayden Stone 3STAR Durban by Night G
 OU Hayden Stone 3STAR A New Day
 OU Hayden Stone 3STAR Shrike
 MO Heide Smallwood B-HONORS bewitched S
 N Heide Smallwood B-HONORS wasp B
 N Heide Smallwood B-HONORS buzzy bee B
 O Heide Smallwood B-HONORS in conversation G
 O Ina Baker 1STAR Sunrise B
 O Ina Baker 1STAR Durban Harbour B
 O Ina Baker 1STAR Tub Boat G
 OU Ina Baker 1STAR Tala G
 SS Ina Baker 1STAR Navy Boat G
 O Jackie Gasken 3STAR Sunrise B
 OU Jackie Gasken 3STAR Zebra S
 SS Jackie Gasken 3STAR Boys Toys M
 SS Jackie Gasken 3STAR Model Tug G
 N Joan Widdowson 3STAR Chobe Sunset S
 O Joan Widdowson 3STAR Resting G
 O Joan Widdowson 3STAR Sociable Weavers Homes B
 W Joan Widdowson 3STAR By the Right Quick March G
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Kelp Gull S
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Cape Shoveler S
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Equus zebra zebra G
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Cape Glossy Starling G
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Floral sunrise S
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Egyptian goose B
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Carrie J
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Protea flower J
 MO Kim Flack 3STAR Lone Fisherman S
 MO Kim Flack 3STAR Old is New S
 N Kim Flack 3STAR All light up S
 O Kim Flack 3STAR Free me free me G
 SS Kim Flack 3STAR Demon takes the lead S
 MO Linda Paul 3STAR a sure thing S
 MO Linda Paul 3STAR a way out G
 MO Linda Paul 3STAR lone tree B
 N Linda Paul 3STAR beach aloes S
 O Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR IT IS SNOWING S
 O Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR GIRLS B
 OU Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR TALA SUNSET B
 MO Mary Landsberg 3STAR Penetrating Gaze S
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR Thermopylae B
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR Tide The Knot B
 N Michael Gill 2STAR African Hoopoe S
 N Michael Gill 2STAR The Chase B
 O Michael Gill 2STAR 8 O Clock S
 O Michael Gill 2STAR Feral Cat B
 O Michael Allison 3STAR Snug as a bug in a rug G
 O Michael Allison 3STAR Rhino minders B
 OU Michael Allison 3STAR look ma no horn S
 W Michael Allison 3STAR beware B
 OU Peter Lambert 3STAR Tala Sunrise S
 OU Peter Lambert 3STAR Tala Rhino G
 OU Peter Lambert 3STAR Tala Nyala B
 OU Peter Lambert 3STAR Tala Wildebeest S
 O rob gasken 3STAR sunrise bay S
 SS rob gasken 3STAR boats and paddleski S
 W rob gasken 3STAR Unwilling Host S
 W rob gasken 3STAR Fly By B
 W rob gasken 3STAR Bird B
 MO Rory Baker 5STAR Into The Night Fog G
 O Rory Baker 5STAR Durban City 7 S
 OU Rory Baker 5STAR Zebra 8 S
 SS Rory Baker 5STAR Peaceful Cabin Cruiser S
 W Rory Baker 5STAR Pied Kingfisher 2 B
 O Rosella Williamson 3STAR karoo chapel G
 SA Rosella Williamson 3STAR taking the lead B
 SA Rosella Williamson 3STAR girls climbing S
 SS Rosella Williamson 3STAR spanish Caraville S
 W Rosella Williamson 3STAR evening stroll B
 N Shan Charter 3STAR Lone Tree B
 W Shan Charter 3STAR Amber Eyes G
 W Shan Charter 3STAR Collecting Mud S
 W Shan Charter 3STAR Wild Dog S
 N Wendy Freer P-HONORS Bee on arum B
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Tala rhino
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Aggressive zebras S
 OU Wendy Freer P-HONORS Ostrich portrait
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