These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the June 2016 Gallery.

Judges Koot Marais
Tim Driman
Rob Gasken
Linda Paul
Set Subject Letters and Numbers
Firstname Lastname Star  Title Award
 W Brian Williams 3STAR Whose there S
 O Brian Williams 3STAR Born to be wild G
 OU Brian Williams 3STAR Early Morning Trot G
 OU Brian Williams 3STAR Ahead by a nose G
 SS Brian Williams 3STAR E flower S
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Hello There G
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Oh Sh one T G
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR A little bit of gold S
 N Brigitte Jordaan 3STAR Autumn Sunset S
 O Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Coffee cup with a difference S
 O Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Penzance Pirates S
 OU Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Summerveld darling B
 SS Bronwyn Smith 3STAR 278 S
 SS Bronwyn Smith 3STAR Three Two One S
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Black or White G
 OU Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Shades of Grey and Blue B
 OU Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Early Morning Reflections S
 OU Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Summerveld Vista S
 MO catherine nobrega 3STAR Surrender G
 O catherine nobrega 3STAR the last one G
 O catherine nobrega 3STAR Double Story G
 O catherine nobrega 3STAR Petals G
 MO Cheryl Callanan 4STAR Early morning G
 W Cheryl Callanan 4STAR Lion G
 O Cheryl Callanan 4STAR Gogo S
 O Cheryl Callanan 4STAR Rounding em up S
 OU Cheryl Callanan 4STAR Shongweni riders G
 W Dee Bennion 5STAR Hermit crab 1 G
 W Dee Bennion 5STAR Flower mantid on leonothus G
 C Dee Bennion 5STAR Enchanted forest B
 C Dee Bennion 5STAR Hiking out S
 MO Deren Naiker 1STAR Jabulani G
 O Deren Naiker 1STAR Into the woods S
 O Deren Naiker 1STAR In the Gardens of Eden S
 O Dianne HALL 2STAR Advance race rider B
 O Dianne HALL 2STAR Pretty brown eyes B
 OU Dianne HALL 2STAR Black back rider S
 SS Dianne HALL 2STAR 49713 S
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Water Stones G
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Tidal Mist S
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Hucks rock S
 N Eugene Dey-van Heerden 3STAR Distant valley S
 N Gerald Hall 3STAR Where is my breakfast S
 O Gerald Hall 3STAR When you are smiling S
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR Duplication B
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR Early exercise G
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR 34649 S
 N Graham Hosking 3STAR Drakensberg sunset G
 N Graham Hosking 3STAR Afternoon view S
 W Graham Hosking 3STAR Autumn leaves S
 O Graham Hosking 3STAR Autumn cat S
 W Hayden Stone 3STAR African Spoonbill G
 W Hayden Stone 3STAR Malachite Kingfisher G
 O Hayden Stone 3STAR A Light Splash G
 O Hayden Stone 3STAR Dusk in Durban S
 SS Hayden Stone 3STAR Tick Tock M
 MO Heide Smallwood B-HONORS Kim M
 C Heide Smallwood B-HONORS there was an old woman who lived in a shoe G
 C Heide Smallwood B-HONORS Orpheus ascend from the underworld G
 C Heide Smallwood B-HONORS The end of the Road S
 O Jackie Gasken 3STAR Sunrise (Uriah Heep) G
 O Jackie Gasken 3STAR Rock around the Clock G
 OU Jackie Gasken 3STAR Gallop B
 MO JANICE  GASS 5STAR sewing class S
 O JANICE  GASS 5STAR autumn at lake naverone S
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR At Full Stretch G
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Lilac Breasted Roller G
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Carmine Bee Eater Take Off G
 W Keith Marallich 5STAR Snug as a Bug M
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Dew reflections G
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Berg storm clouds S
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Tulip bud S
 N Kim Flack 3STAR Road to nowhere S
 N Kim Flack 3STAR Dreamy Sunrise S
 W Kim Flack 3STAR Mountain Wonder G
 O Kim Flack 3STAR Soft and fluffy S
 MO Linda Paul 3STAR Man in the Mirror G
 O Linda Paul 3STAR Fruity Freeze S
 SS Linda Paul 3STAR What a Q G
 SS Linda Paul 3STAR Zero Zilch Nada G
 O Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR GHOST ORB S
 O Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR SAY CHEESE S
 OU Lorraine Fonseca 4STAR GREY HORSE B
 C Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Haunted castle G
 C Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Dont kill the world M
 C Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Off to Auto cemetary S
 SA Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Wipe out G
 SS Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Challenge G
 O Lynn Cooper 3STAR Running with numbers B
 MO Marion Jackson 5STAR Kissin in the Rain M
 MO Mary Landsberg 3STAR How Large G
 N Mary Landsberg 3STAR Rolling Hills S
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR The Big O B
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR 7 Up B
 N Peter Lambert 3STAR Butterfly G
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR Sky Grand Prix Flypast G
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR SADF Agusta Helicopter S
 SS Rachigan Rajagopaul 1STAR Poker all or nothing G
 SS Rachigan Rajagopaul 1STAR All or Nothing S
 MO Rhonwyn van Tonder 2STAR into the light G
 MO Rhonwyn van Tonder 2STAR Three is a magic number G
 MO Rhonwyn van Tonder 2STAR aw aw G
 O Rhonwyn van Tonder 2STAR Sunset sail G
 W rob gasken 3STAR Swallow S
 W rob gasken 3STAR Kingfisher S
 O rob gasken 3STAR Here Comes the Sun S
 O rob gasken 3STAR Time in a Bottle (jim Croce) S
 SS rob gasken 3STAR Energiser X
 O Roger Fonseca 3STAR dew on dandelion G
 O Roger Fonseca 3STAR flavors S
 O Roger Fonseca 3STAR ghost man- S
 MO Ron Duckworth 4STAR Model man G
 W Ron Duckworth 4STAR twins G
 O Ron Duckworth 4STAR Shrooms G
 SS Ron Duckworth 4STAR Why me G
 SS Ron Duckworth 4STAR Umbrella man S
 MO Rory Baker 5STAR Model Man 3 G
 MO Rory Baker 5STAR Butterfly M
 N Rory Baker 5STAR Forest Frog-1 G
 N Rory Baker 5STAR Millipede 3 S
 W Rosella Williamson 3STAR Vulture in the Kalahari S
 O Rosella Williamson 3STAR Faster B
 O Rosella Williamson 3STAR Morning moon S
 OU Rosella Williamson 3STAR Sunrise training B
 SS Rosella Williamson 3STAR Old Buick S
 W Wendy Freer P-HONORS Bearded vulture in flight M
 O Wendy Freer P-HONORS Tracks to tree G
 O Wendy Freer P-HONORS Dawn on the farm M
 SS Wendy Freer P-HONORS 306 G
 SS Wendy Freer P-HONORS Number 7 G

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