JANICE GASS  ~  5-STAR (5 July 2015)

My name is Janice Gass and I have been involved in photography for most of my adult life.  I started working at Etkinds in my mid twenties in the D&P ( developing and Printing) department, taking in transparencies and film and sending them off to the lab to be processed, I loved the cameras and all the paraphernalia that goes with them but had no idea, so my boss at the time Dave Moffat paid for me to do a part time course at Natal Technicon and that was it.

My first camera was a Minolta 101 but I soon outgrew it and changed to Contax then Canon.

 I started working at Whysalls in my mid twenties and retired when the shop closed in 2013. At Whysalls I ran a successful Beginners Photographic Course for close to 20 years.  I mostly enjoy photographing little people and landscapes.

I joined DCC about 20 years ago and have been involved in the committee ever since.

My kit consists of a Canon 6D
25 105 lens cafe 70 200 L Lens 1.4 Converter and Fl

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