KIM FLACK  ~  3-STAR (5 July 2015)
I've always enjoyed taking photographs but never owned a fancy camera.  I decided to treat myself to a Sony DSLR for Christmas 18 months ago, and I have not looked back.  I was unsure at first of all the buttons and dials but I have through the club members and friends learnt how to operate on manual - a seemingly daunting task! 

My favourite lens is my 50 mm or more commonly known as the thrifty fifty as well as my macro lens.  I can spend hours photographing little insects, much to my husbands amazement and my cats delight as they enjoy my company in the garden. 

I try take photo’s in all settings and although the outcome is not always what I want, I have lots of fun trying and enjoy the camaraderie of the other club members.

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