These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the March 2015 Gallery
Judges Rory Baker
Set Subject Candle
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

Cat Lastname Firstname Star Photo Title Award
 Open Jordaan Brigitte 2 African Jacana G
 Open Jordaan Brigitte 2 Yummy G
 Open Jordaan Brigitte 2 I am not eating S
 Set Subject Jordaan Brigitte 2 Load Shedding G
 Outings Jordaan Brigitte 2 BusBee  S
 Open Hayward Fell Carol 3 Happy Anniversary S
 Outings Hayward Fell Carol 3 Organized Chaos G
 Outings Hayward Fell Carol 3 Forgotten Souls B
 Monochrome Hayward Fell Carol 3 Fluting a Winter Teabowl S
 Open nobrega catherine 2 Untitled One G
 Open nobrega catherine 2 Baba S
 Set Subject nobrega catherine 2 Low Light G
 Monochrome nobrega catherine 2 Lady Swan S
 Monochrome nobrega catherine 2 Ngiyabonga S
 Open Marshall Cayli  1 Baby Amelia S
 Set Subject Marshall Cayli  1 Burning Flame G
 Outings Marshall Cayli  1 CV Centre S
 Creative Marshall Cayli  1 Nine Lives B
 Monochrome Marshall Cayli  1 Obhejane G
 Open Callanan Cheryl 4 Warner Beach pool S
 Open Callanan Cheryl 4 Near miss S
 Monochrome Young Craig 4 Coffee break G
 Monochrome Young Craig 4 Sleeping on the job G
 Monochrome Young Craig 4 No fish just waves S
 Monochrome Young Craig 4 Catching a nap S
 Open Bennion Dee 5 Surfer S
 Open Bennion Dee 5 Lady in blue 1 S
 Creative Bennion Dee 5 Pixie land B
 Nature Bennion Dee 5 Frosted bee fly B
 Open Fick Diane 2 Legs M
 Monochrome Fick Diane 2 Culture G
 Outings HALL Dianne 1 Puff Ball S
 Outings HALL Dianne 1 Pointed B
 Outings HALL Dianne 1 Fallen Star B
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 2 Valley Dawn M
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 2 Sunrise on Rock M
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 2 Study in Brown G
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 2 Leaf on Cement S
 Set Subject Dey-van Heerden Eugene 2 Modern Physics S
 Open Hall Gerald 1 Bootiful G
 Open Hall Gerald 1 Seed Me S
 Outings Hall Gerald 1 Lilly Bee G
 Outings Hall Gerald 1 Big Chief S
 Open Hosking Graham 3 Bachelor giving it wings S
 Open Hosking Graham 3 Urban Caster B
 Outings Hosking Graham 3 Lillies S
 Photo Journalism Hosking Graham 3 Finishing the Dusi 2015 B
 Nature Hosking Graham 3 Red Bishop B
 Open Smallwood Heide 5H Desert Dancer S
 Monochrome Smallwood Heide 5H Gabriel G
 Monochrome Smallwood Heide 5H Arachnophobia S
 Monochrome Smallwood Heide 5H Father forgive them S
 Open Gasken Jackie 2 Goose G
 Open Gasken Jackie 2 Curious G
 Open Gasken Jackie 2 Bishop G
 Open Gasken Jackie 2 Dragon Fly G
 Open GASS JANICE  5 Baby Chacma Baboon S
 Open GASS JANICE  5 Echineca Flower B
 Nature GASS JANICE  5 Duplication G
 Nature GASS JANICE  5 Thick Knee  S
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 The Distant Stare M
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 Red-billed Oxpecker G
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 White-headed Vulture G
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 Spotted Eagle Owl G
 Open Milne Kevin 4 Tranquillity G
 Open Milne Kevin 4 Lotus flower S
 Open Milne Kevin 4 Dragon fly on lotus bud B
 Monochrome Milne Kevin 4 Cycad patterns G
 Open Flack Kim 2 As snug as a bug M
 Outings Flack Kim 2 Watching over you G
 Monochrome Flack Kim 2 A Story to tell G
 Nature Flack Kim 2 Tickled Pink M
 Open Fonseca Lorraine 3 LOTUS BUD M
 Open Fonseca Lorraine 3 LOTUS IN THE RAIN G
 Open Fonseca Lorraine 3 HADEDA IBIS G
 Outings Fonseca Lorraine 3 WATER LILY G
 Open van Niekerk Louisa 5 Ghost night G
 Set Subject van Niekerk Louisa 5 Fruit by candle light S
 Creative van Niekerk Louisa 5 Lotus girl S
 Monochrome van Niekerk Louisa 5 Old man mono S
 Nature van Niekerk Louisa 5 Hyena mom and pup S
 Open Lally Maggie 5H Early Morning Reflections S
 Open Lally Maggie 5H Crazy Soccer B
 Open Lally Maggie 5H Ferrari Dino B
 Creative Lally Maggie 5H Ghostly Midmar S
 Open Nobrega Mario 1 Roller derby G
 Set Subject Nobrega Mario 1 Thanx Eskom S
 Outings Nobrega Mario 1 Sawubona S
 Monochrome Nobrega Mario 1 Tarzan S
 Open Jackson Marion 4 Early morning S
 Set Subject Jackson Marion 4 Oh Dear G
 Nature Jackson Marion 4 Weaver and Nest S
 Nature Jackson Marion 4 Just Landing S
 Nature Jackson Marion 4 Jimmy the Cricket S
 Open Landsberg Mary 1 Golden Gate G
 Open Landsberg Mary 1 Basotho House S
 Open Landsberg Mary 1 Island Syle S
 Set Subject Landsberg Mary 1 Candle G
 Open Gill Michael 2 Fluff Ball G
 Open Allison Michael 2 neck and neck S
 Open Allison Michael 2 night lights S
 Open Allison Michael 2 this is fun S
 Open Allison Michael 2 veiw from the rocks S
 Open Gill Michael 2 Red Eye Dove S
 Outings Gill Michael 2 Botanical Gardens Cat S
 Nature Gill Michael 2 Free State sunset S
 Open Lambert Peter 3 Dusi 2015 finisher G
 Open Lambert Peter 3 Something Fishy S
 Open Lambert Peter 3 Shark Bait S
 Open Lambert Peter 3 Agusta 109 Port of Durban S
 Set Subject Lambert Peter 3 Starburst Candle S
 Open van Tonder Rhonwyn 1 Nymph S
 Creative van Tonder Rhonwyn 1 starburst S
 Monochrome van Tonder Rhonwyn 1 digging S
 Open gasken rob 2 Lilly Landing M
 Open gasken rob 2 Red Bishop S
 Open gasken rob 2 Wreck with a View S
 Outings gasken rob 2 Waiting to be Seated G
 Outings Fonseca Roger 2 pink lilly G
 Outings Fonseca Roger 2 purple lilly G
 Outings Fonseca Roger 2 yellow orchid G
 Outings Fonseca Roger 2 white orchids S
 Open Duckworth Ron 4 candle for mom G
 Open Duckworth Ron 4 Old Faithful S
 Open Duckworth Ron 4 white out B
 Set Subject Duckworth Ron 4 Candle light S
 Monochrome Duckworth Ron 4 cowboys S
 Open Baker Rory 5 Modern Warrior M
 Open Baker Rory 5 Minimal S
 Open Baker Rory 5 Umhloti B
 Set Subject Baker Rory 5 Eishkom S
 Monochrome Baker Rory 5 Girl  next door G
 Open Williamson Rosella 1 I see you Danica S
 Set Subject Williamson Rosella 1 set subject G
 Outings Williamson Rosella 1 Victoria Market charm G
 Nature Williamson Rosella 1 Ostrich Party G
 Open Charter Shan 2 Perfection G
 Open Charter Shan 2 Mozambican Smile G
 Nature Charter Shan 2 Feeding time B
 Open Freer Wendy 5H Mtwalume G
 Open Freer Wendy 5H Galloping G
 Nature Freer Wendy 5H Spottedbacked weaver G
 Nature Freer Wendy 5H Unfurling frond G

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