These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the February 2015 Gallery
Judges Ben Myburgh
Set Subject Christmass Spirit
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

 N Brian Williams 1STAR Hiding in the bush G
 O Brian Williams 1STAR Ruwenzori Glacier G
 O Brian Williams 1STAR Waterbaby G
 N Brian Williams 1STAR Kingfisher Kill S
 O Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR Pretty in Green Lumo G
 O Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR Dusty Crab S
 O Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR Pani Dam S
 O Brigitte Jordaan 1STAR Where is Mum S
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Making Skirts G
 OU Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Herb Seller G
 OU Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Hot Colour S
 OU Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Thenjis Take away S
 OU Carol Hayward Fell 3STAR Clothes Seller S
 O catherine nobrega 2STAR Elli G
 O catherine nobrega 2STAR Weeping M
 O catherine nobrega 2STAR Say Ahhhh S
 N Cayli  Marshall 1STAR Lapping it up B
 O Cayli  Marshall 1STAR Burning Horizon B
 MO Cayli  Marshall 1STAR Bridging the Gap G
 OU Cayli  Marshall 1STAR Mkhulu G
 C Dee Bennion 5STAR Fantasy land G
 C Dee Bennion 5STAR Haunted house G
 N Dee Bennion 5STAR Bee fly G
 N Dee Bennion 5STAR Hanging in there S
 SS Dianne HALL 1STAR no champagne G
 O Dianne HALL 1STAR Kite indaba S
 O Dianne HALL 1STAR bright and shine S
 O Eugene Dey-van Heerden 1STAR Stone and Stream G
 O Eugene Dey-van Heerden 1STAR Sunset Gilded Waves G
 O Eugene Dey-van Heerden 1STAR Enchanted G
 O Eugene Dey-van Heerden 1STAR Dandelion Hub M
 SS Gerald Hall 1STAR Red gent G
 O Gerald Hall 1STAR off you go S
 O Gerald Hall 1STAR solo drop S
 O Gerald Hall 1STAR junior flight S
 O Graham Hosking 3STAR Modernising G
 OU Graham Hosking 3STAR Delicacy G
 O Graham Hosking 3STAR Building Africa S
 O Graham Hosking 3STAR Clean me please S
 O Graham Hosking 3STAR Tonights meal S
 C Heide Smallwood 5STARH Anima Sola G
 MO Heide Smallwood 5STARH eye contact G
 C Heide Smallwood 5STARH Waste Land M
 O Heide Smallwood 5STARH Saint Jerome M
 O Jackie Gasken 2STAR Angel of the North G
 O Jackie Gasken 2STAR Seagull Sunset S
 O Jackie Gasken 2STAR Winter Sunset S
 O Jackie Gasken 2STAR Morpeth Bridge S
 O JANICE  GASS 5STAR early one morning G
 O JANICE  GASS 5STAR Just the three of us. G
 O JANICE  GASS 5STAR Hogging the waterhole. S
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR Bleh G
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR Egyptian Goose Chick G
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR Crested Guinea-fowl G
 N Keith Marallich 5STAR WTF G
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Hartebeest foal B
 N Kevin Milne 4STAR Storm brewing G
 SS Kevin Milne 4STAR Christmas angel G
 O Kevin Milne 4STAR Handling Load-shedding S
 SS Kevin Milne 4STAR Christmas lights S
 O Kim Flack 2STAR Avian Yoga G
 O Kim Flack 2STAR Peeping Sun G
 O Kim Flack 2STAR Lapping up the afternoon sun G
 OU Kim Flack 2STAR Lonely in the market G
 SS Kim Flack 2STAR Have yourself a Meowy Christmas G
 O Linda Paul 2STAR keep it real G
 OU Linda Paul 2STAR bold beatuy G
 OU Linda Paul 2STAR proud and pleased G
 OU Linda Paul 2STAR hot bangles M
 O Lorraine Fonseca 3STAR RELAXING G
 O Lorraine Fonseca 3STAR RED DRAGONFLY S
 O Lorraine Fonseca 3STAR LOTUS FLOWERS S
 O Lorraine Fonseca 3STAR WEAVER S
 C Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Memories G
 N Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Marula at waterhole G
 OU Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Oxhead Delux G
 SS Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Christmas cheer G
 O Louisa van Niekerk 5STAR Paradise flycatcher S
 C Maggie Lally 5STARH Butterfly Fantasy G
 C Maggie Lally 5STARH Fire Swirl 2 G
 N Maggie Lally 5STARH Rhino at Tala G
 PJ Maggie Lally 5STARH Hanging On N
 MO Marc Crowther 2STAR Dirty Ben G
 O Marc Crowther 2STAR Max G
 O Marc Crowther 2STAR Can I Come Back Out N
 O Marc Crowther 2STAR Lone Elephant N
 O Marion Jackson 4STAR Stick Insect G
 O Marion Jackson 4STAR Pretty Flower G
 O Marion Jackson 4STAR Having Fun G
 O Marion Jackson 4STAR Wearing a new sun hat S
 O Mary Landsberg 1STAR Storms River G
 O Mary Landsberg 1STAR Kalk Bay G
 O Mary Landsberg 1STAR Day s End G
 O Mary Landsberg 1STAR Tsitsikamma S
 N Matthew Peters 5STAR Diederick cuckoo G
 N Matthew Peters 5STAR Olive thrush G
 O Matthew Peters 5STAR Mean green machine G
 O Matthew Peters 5STAR Sliding   G
 O Michael Allison 2STAR so cool B
 O Michael Allison 2STAR a distant view B
 N Michael Gill 2STAR Hardeda G
 N Michael Gill 2STAR Mouse Bird S
 O Michael Gill 2STAR Blown in the wind S
 O Michael Allison 2STAR A stroll in the park S
 O Michael Gill 2STAR Orange Butterfly S
 O Michael Allison 2STAR BIG splash poola  S
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR Marine Pilot Helicopter G
 SS Peter Lambert 3STAR Xmas Lights G
 N Peter Lambert 3STAR Epidendrum  S
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR Surfer S
 O Peter Lambert 3STAR Extra Large Rubik Cube S
 C Rhonwyn van Tonder 1STAR spectrum G
 MO Rhonwyn van Tonder 1STAR Waiting G
 O Rhonwyn van Tonder 1STAR nap time G
 SS Rhonwyn van Tonder 1STAR Three is a magic number S
 O rob gasken 2STAR Mallard G
 O rob gasken 2STAR Four Bridges G
 O rob gasken 2STAR Winter Sun S
 O rob gasken 2STAR The Watchers S
 O Roger Fonseca 2STAR red bishop G
 O Roger Fonseca 2STAR pelican G
 O Roger Fonseca 2STAR dew on lotus M
 O Roger Fonseca 2STAR body boarder S
 SS Ron Duckworth 4STAR Tree decoration G
 MO Ron Duckworth 4STAR LILY S
 N Ron Duckworth 4STAR Lily  S
 O Ron Duckworth 4STAR Please Lord  S
 O Ron Duckworth 4STAR Budding Virtuoso S
 MO Rory Baker 5STAR Bovine Worker G
 O Rory Baker 5STAR Paradise G
 OU Rory Baker 5STAR Muti Man G
 N Rory Baker 5STAR Weaver M
 O Shan Charter 1STAR Lazy Limpopo G
 O Shan Charter 1STAR Afternoon Shadows G
 OU Shan Charter 1STAR Making Friends G
 O Shan Charter 1STAR Radiance M
 SS Shan Charter 1STAR Bright Eyes S
 N Susan Peters 3STAR I am watching you G
 N Susan Peters 3STAR Feather my nest G
 O Susan Peters 3STAR Spark trails G
 O Susan Peters 3STAR Girl power G
 O Teresa de Beer 3STAR Strolling along B
 O Teresa de Beer 3STAR Snoozing B
 O Teresa de Beer 3STAR End of the line S
 MO Wendy Freer 5STARH Sultry look G
 N Wendy Freer 5STARH Bath routine G
 N Wendy Freer 5STARH Red bishop G
 O Wendy Freer 5STARH Morning has broken M

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