These are results from the monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the August 2014 Gallery.
Judges Kevin Mullins (OTRCC)
Heidi Smallwood (DCC)
Set Subject Shadows
Awards Codes M Merit
G Gold
S Silver
B Bronze
J Not judged - author can re-submit again
N No Award - author cannot re-submit

 Open Allison Michael 2 full a head G
 Open Allison Michael 2 two dandies S
 Open Allison Michael 2 on the rocks S
 Open Allison Michael 2 I spy S
 Set Subject Allison Michael 1 last bobw S
 Nature Badenhorst David 1 Whale G
 Open Badenhorst David 1 A drift G
 Open Badenhorst David 1 Night flight G
 Photo Journalism Badenhorst David 1 Smart M
 Set Subject Badenhorst David 1 Shadow Flight B
 Monochrome Baker Rory 5 Content G
 Monochrome Baker Rory 5 Sleeping G
 Monochrome Baker Rory 5 Natures Little Things S
 Set Subject Baker Rory 5 Your shadow thinks differently G
 Creative Bennion Dee 5 Dont fly into thunderstorms G
 Nature Bennion Dee 5 Jumping spider and fly G
 Open Bennion Dee 5 Eli in water M
 Open Bennion Dee 5 Prayer for peace G
 Set Subject Bennion Dee 5 Bike shadow S
 Monochrome Callanan Cheryl 3 Brothers G
 Monochrome Callanan Cheryl 3 Train drivers 2 S
 Open Callanan Cheryl 3 Determination G
 Open Callanan Cheryl 3 Minstrel G
 Open Callanan Cheryl 3 Polo Richmond G
 Open Cooper Lynn 2 Aloe Buds G
 Open Cooper Lynn 2 Sani Pass G
 Open Cooper Lynn 2 Wild Dog Botswana S
 Open Cooper Lynn 2 Comrades S
 Monochrome Crowther Marc 1 Calculating Nikki G
 Open Crowther Marc 1 Mabhida Drama M
 Open Crowther Marc 1 Afro Wig G
 Open Crowther Marc 1 Kool Kombi S
 Open de Beer Teresa 3 Autumn candles G
 Open de Beer Teresa 3 Wind blown tree S
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 1 Butterfly M
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 1 Cloudplay M
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 1 Wistful M
 Open Dey-van Heerden Eugene 1 Dawn G
 Set Subject Dey-van Heerden Eugene 1 Moonshadow G
 Open Duckworth Ron 4 Splash Landing M
 Open Duckworth Ron 4 Cormorants G
 Open Duckworth Ron 4 Raptor with Prey B
 Set Subject Duckworth Ron 4 Shadows S
 Set Subject Duckworth Ron 4 Shadows on the ground B
 Nature Fick Diane 1 Cry of a Gull G
 Open Fick Diane 1 Life and death S
 Open Fick Diane 1 Sunset S
 Open Fick Diane 1 Dark Hedges S
 Nature Flack Kim 2 Rescued from drowning M
 Nature Flack Kim 2 Slurp G
 Nature Flack Kim 2 Pick me pick me G
 Set Subject Flack Kim 2 Funky G
 Monochrome Fonseca Roger 2 moyo S
 Open Fonseca Roger 2 Zebra G
 Open Fonseca Lorraine 2 POLYGALA VIRGATA G
 Open Fonseca Lorraine 2 ROSE G
 Open Fonseca Roger 2 lion fish G
 Open Fonseca Lorraine 2 SUNFLOWER BUD G
 Open Fonseca Roger 2 sunrise moyo S
 Open Fonseca Lorraine 2 Rocky Bay Sunrise S
 Club Challenge Freer Wendy Honours Shadow rider S
 Nature Freer Wendy Honours Green reed frog M
 Nature Freer Wendy Honours Wildebeest G
 Open Freer Wendy Honours Moon rise G
 Open Freer Wendy Honours Passers by S
 Nature gasken rob 2 Fly Catcher G
 Nature gasken rob 2 Zebra S
 Nature gasken rob 2 Stone Chat S
 Nature gasken rob 2 A Little Bird Told Me S
 Open Gasken Jackie 1 Bird in th e Dust G
 Open Gasken Jackie 1 Sand Car G
 Open Gasken Jackie 1 Cat in the Box G
 Open Gasken Jackie 1 Pretty as a Picture S
 Monochrome GASS JANICE  5 Madala G
 Open GASS JANICE  5 Moya at Sunrise S
 Open GASS JANICE  5 Autumn Reflections S
 Set Subject GASS JANICE  5 Lunch S
 Set Subject GASS JANICE  5 Electric Shadows S
 Nature Gill Michael 2 Stone Chat G
 Nature Gill Michael 2 Lion S
 Nature Gill Michael 2 Bufflo S
 Nature Gill Michael 2 Kudu S
 Open Hall Gerald 1 House Demolition G
 Open Hall Gerald 1 Fashionable S
 Open Hall Gerald 1 Speedster S
 Open Hall Gerald 1 Just Look at Me S
 Monochrome Hayward Fell Carol 2 Bright Future G
 Monochrome Hayward Fell Carol 2 Jo G
 Open Hayward Fell Carol 2 Looking Outwards G
 Open Hayward Fell Carol 2 Squirrel Alert S
 Set Subject Hayward Fell Carol 2 Shadows on the Sand G
 Open Jackson Marion 4 Pretty Flower M
 Open Jackson Marion 4 Colourful Baloon G
 Open Jackson Marion 4 Beach View S
 Set Subject Jackson Marion 4 Crossed forks G
 Set Subject Jackson Marion 4 Ring shadow B
 Open Jordaan Brigitte 1 Bubbles S
 Outings Jordaan Brigitte 1 Mother Mary G
 Set Subject Jordaan Brigitte 1 Us Four M
 Set Subject Jordaan Brigitte 1 Seeing Double S
 Set Subject Jordaan Brigitte 1 Just Jacqui S
 Open Lally Maggie Honours Early on the Dam G
 Open Lally Maggie Honours Bench with a View S
 Photo Journalism Lally Maggie Honours Go Stig S
 Set Subject Lally Maggie Honours Cycle Shadows S
 Nature Lambert Peter 3 Dandelion G
 Open Lambert Peter 3 Polo Shongweni G
 Open Lambert Peter 3 Silver Falcon G
 Photo Journalism Lambert Peter 3 Duzi Winner G
 Set Subject Lambert Peter 3 Shadow Fishing B
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 Southern Tree Agama M
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 Hluhluwe Wild Dog M
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 Lanner Falcon M
 Nature Marallich Keith 5 Kudu Nibbles G
 Open Martens James 1 Die Wit Huisie M
 Open Martens James 1 Sunset Seats M
 Open Martens James 1 Neemrana G
 Open Martens James 1 Sun Siloutte G
 Set Subject Martens James 1 Shadow Clothe S
 Nature Milne Kevin 4 Backlit zebra G
 Outings Milne Kevin 4 Stained glass window G
 Outings Milne Kevin 4 Marianhill statue S
 Outings Milne Kevin 4 Marianhill cloister S
 Open nobrega catherine 1 Yellow Orchid G
 Open nobrega catherine 1 Zebra S
 Club Challenge Paul Linda 1 innards S
 Nature Paul Linda 1 stamens S
 Open Paul Linda 1 reflect S
 Set Subject Paul Linda 1 house dragon M
 Set Subject Paul Linda 1 shadowcat S
 Nature Peters Matthew 5 Diving for stones G
 Nature Peters Susan 3 burchells coucal G
 Nature Peters Susan 3 impala lily S
 Nature Peters Matthew 5 Three banded plover S
 Open Peters Susan 3 junior racer S
 Open Peters Matthew 5 Round like a circle S
 Open Peters Matthew 5 Number 57 S
 Monochrome Smallwood Heide 5 Prayers at Wailing Wall M
 Monochrome Smallwood Heide 5 Golan Heights Syrian Border S
 Open Smallwood Heide 5 Shalom Alechem S
 Open Smallwood Heide 5 Going back in time S
 Nature Smith Bronwyn 3 Hippo in line S
 Nature Smith Bronwyn 3 Alert S
 Open Smith Bronwyn 3 Old bottles G
 Open Smith Bronwyn 3 Silver jug S
 Creative van Niekerk Louisa 5 Garden in a globe M
 Monochrome van Niekerk Louisa 5 Newborn feet M
 Open van Niekerk Louisa 5 Lady M
 Outings van Niekerk Louisa 5 Mariannhill monastry G
 Set Subject van Niekerk Louisa 5 Shadows G
 Nature Williamson Rosella 1 Botswana Elephants G
 Open Williamson Rosella 1 Just having fun G
 Open Williamson Rosella 1 Winter in Norway G
 Open Williamson Rosella 1 Scottish Castle G
 Set Subject Williamson Rosella 1 Mangrove Trees B
 Monochrome Young Craig 3 A Bell Through an Arch S
 Monochrome Young Craig 3 Eyes S
 Monochrome Young Craig 3 Lashes S
 Open Young Craig 3 Two Birds S
 Set Subject Young Craig 3 The Shadow Photographer G


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